April 15, 2012

Seaside... knows how to party!

We're still hanging out on the Oregon Coast; though we did move up the shore a bit to Seaside. We came up here to join another RV park membership: one much better suited to us (cheaper; with longer stays, lol). Lets hope we don't turn into my Grampa and feel the need to buy a membership every damn place we go. I'd like to have some money left over for food now and then!  

We're loving this nomadic life of ours. Like, totally loving it! I can't even find any other words to describe it. All four of my boys are running around playing some epic nerf war right now. I can hear laughter squeals ringing through the air. I'm lying here on my bed, windows open, feeling the breeze. Life is so sweet. 

We just registered and reserved a room for our first unschooling conference, Wide Sky Days!! We've called ourselves unschoolers for 8 years now (though, really, we've been unschoolers since birth, yo … you have, too!), and we have yet to attend any of the many cool conferences around the country. WHAT is THAT about?! It's all changing in September, and I am giddy with excitement about it. It's going to be off the chain, folks! Any of my other unschoolie readers going? Would love, love, love to connect with you there. 

There's also The Gaia Festival in early August that I am really really REALLY looking forward to. We just have a few kinks to work out before we can commit to it. Hopefully it will all come together. And maybe some of my more hippy-esque readers are planning to go, and then WE can connect too (read - dance our asses off!) If ya'll are going to a different festival this summer/fall … let me know; we might swing by!

Other then that, we have no plans. Just going where the wind blows. 

Scenes from Seaside:

Beach Swings!
*i wanna see everybody jumpin'*

Live Beach Music = sure fire way to this girls heart <3

our version of fast food; to go. 

lost in the beauty

downtown walkin' & drinkin'

Pure Magic

Beach Fire! So sweet!

there's always light at the end...