March 7, 2008

Running / Jogging

Haaa, I love this picture!!!

There is something really freeing about running/jogging. You can just grab your sneakers (as well as a sports bra, haa), hit the road, or trail, or beach ... and all the stress and pressure of the day just washes away. It's great.

I ran track in high school. I wasn't the best, but I wasn't too terribly bad. Pretty good for never practicing (it was much more fun to just hang out, chat, flirt, you know - the important stuff). I really missed running when track ended for me.

I just got back from a mile and a half run with my Tater bug (my pooch, Tatum). I LOVE the way I feel when I come back from a run. My lungs feel so full and alive. I feel accomplished! I feel exhilarated! I feel free! I really need to start making this a staple in my life.

Corn, Corn, and More Corn

I have returned to my warm weather love affair with corn. If you haven't yet tried a nice, juicy, sweet ear of RAW corn on the cob, you don't know what you're missing. It is simply fabulous... and as I stated, I am in love.

It's funny. We've been raw for almost a year (april 24th will mark our 1 yr anniversary). Corn season last year started off a bit depressing for me. I have always been a lover of the beautiful yellow/white kernels, but they were always cooked (usually bbq'd) and then dipped in a huge coffee can filled of melted butter with a bit of salt sprinkled on top. Devine! One of my favorite foods. As a raw foodie, when I started seeing those ears come into season, I felt discontent. I would never again be able to enjoy their tender, juicy goodness. For some reason, I imagined raw corn would be HARD, much like an unpopped kernel of popcorn (no, I never did prepare it for myself pre-raw, I always had other people do the cooking, haaa). One day while longingly staring at the stacks of ears as we walked through the supermarket, I decided I would just try to get one last look, one last touch, one last smell. I ripped open the top of one of them, and sort of popped my fingernail through one of the kernals. OMG, it was soft. It was juicy. IT WAS MINE!!!

That was my first affair with my beloved, and it lasted until the very last ear was sold and they were gone. I was consuming 20-30 ears a DAY at times. Oooh, how I miss those days!

My friends, they're coming back!

They were having a "decent" deal on them at our local HFS (not quite in season yet, so the price is still a bit high); I bought some. Every bit as delicious as I remember.

Do yourself a favor and try it. Simply amazing, dah-lings

March 6, 2008

Live Lightly Tour

We had the pleasure of meeting Sara and Matt (bella wasn't there) of the live lightly tour yesterday in Lexington, SC. If you have not heard about them, check out their blog. It's pretty amazing. And if you have the chance to meet them in person, I highly recommend it. They are both such friendly, inspiring people... we had a great time. Sara gave the boys a few raw treats, so of course the kids love her! Anyone who gives them food is pretty great in their book - haa!

Can you imagine quitting your job, selling most of your "stuff", buying and RV, and hitting the road?

They are hitting it with a very meaningful message to spread - living sustainably. Their RV is run on veggie oil! They have solar panels on the roof for partial solar power. They work on the road (photography, graphic design, handywork, etc). They are living life as green as they can, and empowering others to do the same - spread the love is their motto.

Really, if you have the chance to meet them, make sure you make the time. We'll definitely be following their journey and keeping in touch.

March 5, 2008

(re) Introduction!!


It occured to me today (after beign asked if I had a blog) that I really need to pick one blogging spot and stick to it. I have a few going on different sites (I really don't know why ? lol). It's getting to be a bit... much. Not too mention, I can never remember any of the addys (I usually just link) when asked, so that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? haa.
Sooo, - you're it!

I used this blog for my juice feast a few months back - that's it. So, it'll be like a clean start. Here's to happy bloggin'!

I'm going to start by summing up my life in a nutshell (I'll try anyway, I tend to be long winded, haa). My name is Melissa. I'm 28 years old, and happily married for the past 10 years (almost anyway, our 10 yr anniversary is on April 4th!) to my high school sweetheart, Nick, also 28. We have 3 beautiful, intelligent, amazing lil boys. Larson is 9, Rylan is 5, and Owen is 3. We're a military family living in Columbia, SC. We are raw vegans. We unschool. And we try to live our lives as "green" as we can, always striving for better. I'm sure the majority of this blog will be about those 3 topics ;-)

Think that's about it for now.

Peace Peeps!