July 30, 2011

2011 Packers 5K Run

Just finished the run!
We finished as a family around 40-ish minutes.

OMG, what an amazing day! 

We didn't get much sleep last night (still trying to recover from our late-late summerfest hours!) I think maybe we got 4 hours total, so initially upon waking up; the thought of running a 5K sounded about as appealing as sticking a fork through my eye and tickling my brain. I.Was.Not.In.The.Mood! And then I realized I forgot to bring a pair of running shorts (or anything that could be a suitable substitue ... I had pants and I had skirts). Mood = f-you people, stop looking at me! Also on that forgot list was a pair of undies. I'm just not much into running bare assed. The sweat needs some kind of moisture absorber, right? Am I sharing too much? lol!

Anyway, so we had to run to the store bright and early this morning. Got my clothing situation squared away and headed over to Lambeau. As soon as we pulled up, the excitement of the day kicked in ... Mood = lets do this! 

We were SO excited! Just being in that environment evokes happiness. I think they filter it through the air up here! And probably spike their water with it, too!

This was the first 5K run event any of us have ever done, so we decided to stick together as a family. Made it much easier to take photos and video :-) This was our first time up in Lambeau, and we were going to be able to run through the players tunnel, and around the field!!! C'mon, of course we need to stop for photo ops! I put us in the 3rd tier for exactly that purpose ... so we wouldn't interfere with the more serious racers when we paused for said photos, lol. 

Beginning the race!
We had a line of 1st and 2nd tier-ers (and most of the 3rd tier, too) ahead of us. 

These motivational signs were all along the route. After the race; we grabbed one that says "Go The Distance" as a "little" souvenir. Love It!!!

Running through the players tunnel into Lambeau Field!!! Epic!

Paused briefly to take a photo of the kids. Still can't believe we were ON THE FIELD!!!

Eating our weight in *free* bananas after the run! lol

It was amazing. There's that word again, lol. There's really no other way to describe it. The kids did AWESOME!!! Going on very little sleep, and having never run that distance before (larson's farthest was 2 miles, rylan and owen 1.5 miles prior to today). I am so incredible proud of these little men of mine. They really pushed hard to reach this goal. The pride they have in themselves makes my heart happy!

We're all still amped up on adrenaline!
*might also still be a sugar rush from all of those free bananas, lol!

This video is REALLY shaky... motion sickness sufferers be warned!

*there are a coupla home videos embedded in this post, so if you're reading this on a subscription feed, make sure to click over to my page to see them!

July 21, 2011

Sheridan Park

This park was just a couple of blocks from where I lived, in stages, through-out my first 14 years ... so I was there ALL.OF.THE.TIME! It was my sanctuary. My home away from home. My refuge when I ran away; after leaving the requisite "by the time you read this, I will be gone" note (and during my really fancy years, that note was a tape recording ... high tech, right?)! I loved this park. I loved the climbing trees. I loved the turtle pond. I loved the solitude by myself, and the camaraderie when I went with my cousin or friends. I loved the pool I used to sneak into, and the lifeguards there that I befriended. I loved the trails. One of which lead to my other favorite place to be (Grant Park), and another leading down to the lake. I loved the huge line of broken concrete piers jetting out into the lake. It didn't matter that it was dirty, and scary, and fishy, and the "beach" was nothing but big pointy rocks (which hurt this barefoot girl) ... it was mine, and I loved it there!

It was great taking my family down there today! So many memories washed over me. More fishy smelling then I remember. Tatum didn't complain ... this vegetarian dog of mine had a great time feasting on dead fish carcass; while I dry heaved all over the place! Thanks, Tay! She's no doubt regretting her decisions tonight. She has puked a couple of times, and has pooped SO much! Her belly does NOT appreciate her animal eating antics! Maybe lesson learned? Yea, probably not!

July 17, 2011

My Return to ... The South Shore Water Frolics

A lot of yearly traditions stand out to me from my childhood, but none more prominent then the South Shore Water Frolics. We went every year, and it was always usually so much fun. It's where I learned to pee in puddles; I mean - c'mon! I knew I had to take my family!

They usually hold the frolics the weekend after the 4th of July, but since that coincided with Summerfest wrapping up, it was scheduled for this weekend. And wouldn't ya know ... we almost didn't make it! I completely forgot about it until today (the last day). We originally had other plans scheduled for today, but I had to bail. Couldn't miss the frolics ... especially when I found out there was a Beatles Tribute Band playing!!! I sadly didn't get any photos of them, but they totally looked the part!

It was A LOT smaller then I remember (everything is HUGE when you're a kid, isn't it? lol). There were also a ton more food and trinket concession stands then I remember, which kind of turned me off. But we still had a good time. The kids enjoyed digging up the beach (until they closed that area off). They made some really awesome sail boats out of pieces of wood, feathers, and trash they found on the beach. And again, I didn't get any dang photos of them! They really were amazing creations. Such creative kiddos! 

After they closed off the beach area, we went for a walk along the lake front. It was beautiful. The longer we stay here, the harder and harder it is to think about leaving. We're actually considering looking for a longer term rental and staying a while. 


I know, I know! 

Then came the countdown to the fire works, and the annual "BOMB THE BEACH" chant! And bomb it they did! I was worried Nick was going to go into full panic mode (he did on the 4th of July this year with the loud "POPs" WI fireworks are known for). I made sure to prepare him before hand this time, so he knew they were coming (and coming hard!). It worked. He did fine ... really enjoyed them, actually. The fireworks at the frolics are the BEST (based on my totally unbiased opinion, lol). The kids LOVED the fire bombs at the end. Man do those suckers pack some heat!

I love the frolics!

July 12, 2011

Summerfest 2011

We thoroughly enjoyed Summerfest this year. Not as much as we originally had planned or hoped (thank you ptsd and tbi related outbursts ... thank you.), but we had a great time when we were able to go. Franti was, of course, our favorite performer by far! But we also really enjoyed Saving Abel! They put on a great show! We were most disappointed with Buckcherry. Not very friendly. Not interactive. Not entertaining. *shrug*. We also saw The Airborne Toxic Event! (always a fav of mine), Stephen Marley, Maroon 5, a tiny bit of Meatloaf and Hinder, Here Come the Mummies, Of Verona, Styx, a Led Zeppelin Tribute Band (a few other tribute bands, too), and a bunch of local bands that I can't remember names of ... but they rocked it! I really enjoyed the small side stage (refugee stage) way in the back, on the grass. Can't remember a single performer there, but it was definitely my favorite place to be!  A chill, peaceful atmosphere. My peeps! 

There were SO many more that we wanted to see, but oh well. Maybe we'll come back through town in the next year or two to do it again :-D

**There are a few home videos mixed in with the photos, so if you're reading this on a subscription feed; make sure to click over to see the vids.

of course we found the hoops!

we really enjoyed listening to the bucket drummers!

got our dance on!

cheesed it up for the camera

rylan trying to win a prize during a bball competition

we were stopped by a lady at the miller lite tent (ahem, drinking, ahem) who just HAD to take our photo ... "You guys are the cutest family I've ever seen, I need to take a picture. You guys NEED a picture. I'm gonna take a great picture".
Sure! Thanks!

Stephen Marley
I enjoy his music, but I'm a bigger fan of his Dad, so listening to him throw down a few Bob cover songs was epic!

larson, totally and utterly in a trance with the magician - lol

this juggler guy was great!

they had SO many musical instruments there reasonably priced. If our van wasn't already overflowing to the 10th degree with STUFF ... I would have totally gotten myself in trouble buying up every handcrafted instrument I saw!

nick gets pierced

rylan made great friends with our neighbors while waiting for Franti to take the stage. He lent Ry his notebook and pen to draw in, and gave some great pointers on technique. They were awesome!

I love these festival junkies!!!

we had to stop to tie shoes A LOT! 

we crashed hard every night!

only to wake and start all over again!

tye-dye anyone?!

whats a music festival without a little table dancing?!

hockey competition ... he almost made it!

throwing a frisbee into a hockey net.
Great form, but the wind worked against him. Poor guy. 

LOL! He really thought he had a chance of catching that ball ... 

the "take the ball away from the pro soccer player" competition. Rylan actually stole it for about .02 seconds before it was taken back. Totally awesome, though ... he was the only one able to snag it. 

nick played an adult game of "soccer/vollyball" against the pros.
they were creamed ... hardcore!

meli gets pierced

more dancing!

riding the sky ride on the last day
Had a great time, Summerfest!

July 10, 2011

Meli Gets Pierced

Decided to close out Summerfest with a new piercing. I've wanted my eyebrow done since I was 17, so I figured it was about time! lol. I was a little nervous ... I've had my tongue done; didn't hurt at all ... and my nose done; surprisingly had some sting to it! Wasn't sure what to expect, but it really didn't hurt. The only thing I felt was a tiny bit of tugging when he twisted on the top ball on the barbell. 

The position is a little off from where I wanted it; I'm not yet sure how I feel about that. 
I'm usually a love or hate kind of person ... not really lukewarm on anything, so who knows. 
Time will tell, right? ;-)

Woot for new holes! 
*video at the end