July 17, 2011

My Return to ... The South Shore Water Frolics

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A lot of yearly traditions stand out to me from my childhood, but none more prominent then the South Shore Water Frolics. We went every year, and it was always usually so much fun. It's where I learned to pee in puddles; I mean - c'mon! I knew I had to take my family!

They usually hold the frolics the weekend after the 4th of July, but since that coincided with Summerfest wrapping up, it was scheduled for this weekend. And wouldn't ya know ... we almost didn't make it! I completely forgot about it until today (the last day). We originally had other plans scheduled for today, but I had to bail. Couldn't miss the frolics ... especially when I found out there was a Beatles Tribute Band playing!!! I sadly didn't get any photos of them, but they totally looked the part!

It was A LOT smaller then I remember (everything is HUGE when you're a kid, isn't it? lol). There were also a ton more food and trinket concession stands then I remember, which kind of turned me off. But we still had a good time. The kids enjoyed digging up the beach (until they closed that area off). They made some really awesome sail boats out of pieces of wood, feathers, and trash they found on the beach. And again, I didn't get any dang photos of them! They really were amazing creations. Such creative kiddos! 

After they closed off the beach area, we went for a walk along the lake front. It was beautiful. The longer we stay here, the harder and harder it is to think about leaving. We're actually considering looking for a longer term rental and staying a while. 


I know, I know! 

Then came the countdown to the fire works, and the annual "BOMB THE BEACH" chant! And bomb it they did! I was worried Nick was going to go into full panic mode (he did on the 4th of July this year with the loud "POPs" WI fireworks are known for). I made sure to prepare him before hand this time, so he knew they were coming (and coming hard!). It worked. He did fine ... really enjoyed them, actually. The fireworks at the frolics are the BEST (based on my totally unbiased opinion, lol). The kids LOVED the fire bombs at the end. Man do those suckers pack some heat!

I love the frolics!


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