July 12, 2011

Summerfest 2011

We thoroughly enjoyed Summerfest this year. Not as much as we originally had planned or hoped (thank you ptsd and tbi related outbursts ... thank you.), but we had a great time when we were able to go. Franti was, of course, our favorite performer by far! But we also really enjoyed Saving Abel! They put on a great show! We were most disappointed with Buckcherry. Not very friendly. Not interactive. Not entertaining. *shrug*. We also saw The Airborne Toxic Event! (always a fav of mine), Stephen Marley, Maroon 5, a tiny bit of Meatloaf and Hinder, Here Come the Mummies, Of Verona, Styx, a Led Zeppelin Tribute Band (a few other tribute bands, too), and a bunch of local bands that I can't remember names of ... but they rocked it! I really enjoyed the small side stage (refugee stage) way in the back, on the grass. Can't remember a single performer there, but it was definitely my favorite place to be!  A chill, peaceful atmosphere. My peeps! 

There were SO many more that we wanted to see, but oh well. Maybe we'll come back through town in the next year or two to do it again :-D

**There are a few home videos mixed in with the photos, so if you're reading this on a subscription feed; make sure to click over to see the vids.

of course we found the hoops!

we really enjoyed listening to the bucket drummers!

got our dance on!

cheesed it up for the camera

rylan trying to win a prize during a bball competition

we were stopped by a lady at the miller lite tent (ahem, drinking, ahem) who just HAD to take our photo ... "You guys are the cutest family I've ever seen, I need to take a picture. You guys NEED a picture. I'm gonna take a great picture".
Sure! Thanks!

Stephen Marley
I enjoy his music, but I'm a bigger fan of his Dad, so listening to him throw down a few Bob cover songs was epic!

larson, totally and utterly in a trance with the magician - lol

this juggler guy was great!

they had SO many musical instruments there reasonably priced. If our van wasn't already overflowing to the 10th degree with STUFF ... I would have totally gotten myself in trouble buying up every handcrafted instrument I saw!

nick gets pierced

rylan made great friends with our neighbors while waiting for Franti to take the stage. He lent Ry his notebook and pen to draw in, and gave some great pointers on technique. They were awesome!

I love these festival junkies!!!

we had to stop to tie shoes A LOT! 

we crashed hard every night!

only to wake and start all over again!

tye-dye anyone?!

whats a music festival without a little table dancing?!

hockey competition ... he almost made it!

throwing a frisbee into a hockey net.
Great form, but the wind worked against him. Poor guy. 

LOL! He really thought he had a chance of catching that ball ... 

the "take the ball away from the pro soccer player" competition. Rylan actually stole it for about .02 seconds before it was taken back. Totally awesome, though ... he was the only one able to snag it. 

nick played an adult game of "soccer/vollyball" against the pros.
they were creamed ... hardcore!

meli gets pierced

more dancing!

riding the sky ride on the last day
Had a great time, Summerfest!


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