July 21, 2011

Sheridan Park

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This park was just a couple of blocks from where I lived, in stages, through-out my first 14 years ... so I was there ALL.OF.THE.TIME! It was my sanctuary. My home away from home. My refuge when I ran away; after leaving the requisite "by the time you read this, I will be gone" note (and during my really fancy years, that note was a tape recording ... high tech, right?)! I loved this park. I loved the climbing trees. I loved the turtle pond. I loved the solitude by myself, and the camaraderie when I went with my cousin or friends. I loved the pool I used to sneak into, and the lifeguards there that I befriended. I loved the trails. One of which lead to my other favorite place to be (Grant Park), and another leading down to the lake. I loved the huge line of broken concrete piers jetting out into the lake. It didn't matter that it was dirty, and scary, and fishy, and the "beach" was nothing but big pointy rocks (which hurt this barefoot girl) ... it was mine, and I loved it there!

It was great taking my family down there today! So many memories washed over me. More fishy smelling then I remember. Tatum didn't complain ... this vegetarian dog of mine had a great time feasting on dead fish carcass; while I dry heaved all over the place! Thanks, Tay! She's no doubt regretting her decisions tonight. She has puked a couple of times, and has pooped SO much! Her belly does NOT appreciate her animal eating antics! Maybe lesson learned? Yea, probably not!


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