August 1, 2013


So I'm going to skip the whole "oh wow, it's been so long since I've last blogged. I miss it. Time to get back into it". Oh wait... that basically summed it all up right there.

Okay ... Movin' on ... To Boobs!

Yes. Boobs

Reference photo as exhibit one.

These magical squishy pieces of flesh amaze me. A lot. So I love boob talk. I love boob play, too.  Because of this I've never had a problem remembering to or giving myself breast exams on a super regular basis.  Yay me.

This is not always the case for women, and I often ponder why. Probably more often then you would guess. Haa. If you're one of these women please do enlighten me. They're boobs. Boobs are fun. Play with em! Are you coupled up? What about your spouse/significant other? Maybe enlist them to boob duty at least once a month. Because really ... my husband likes boobs. My boobs in particular. He'd likely note any growth before I would, and without any official enlistment even. Oooh, that's an idea. Are you competitive? Make it a competition. Each month ... who ever remembers to officially check first wins something cool. Who doesn't love to win cool shiz!

A sweet Mama friend recently discovered something in her breast tissue. Testing is in progress. Love and light are being sent. But dammit ladies ... Go Play With Your Boobs! Catch that little something before it has a chance to really escalate into a big something.

And with that this lady is going to go soak in a GIGANTIC hotel tub. And by GIGANTIC I mean a regular ol' plain sized tub. But after more then a year of a 4 inch lip of a 2 foot wide tub I have in our tiny RV shower (which actually is pretty luxurious in the RVing world), this regular ol' plain sized tub looks like it's going to Swallow.Me.Up. Easily. And probably play with my boobs while it does it, heh!

I'm out!