August 21, 2017

... never more sweet a gift

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I'll cherish most from us the reflection of myself that I was able to see through you, in you, from the vantage point of you... and my love, yours has been my most favorite. 

I love the way you loved me. 

The way you you touched my face as your eyes took me all in, like you were seeing the most beautiful thing in the world. 

I love the way you saw the rainbow of color of my bright shining soul, and your want to hear the stories that led me there. 

The way you'd smile as you watched me playing in a park, like you were overcome with so much love and gratitude seeing me wild and free and so incredibly in love. 

I love the way your energy would shift when I looked at you. 

The way you'd look at me as I spoke about my spirituality and belief in all-the-things, especially the super natural, and then ask questions to illicit an even further opening of myself. 

I love the way you saw my hidden fears and called me on them. 

The way you invited me to show up in my truth, all of it. 

I love the way your face softened when I'd smile. 

The way you'd reach for my hand, breathe into my neck, and pull me so close, like you needed to feel as much of me against you as you could. 

I love the way you craved me. 

The way you loved my body; every curve, every scar, every dimple, every wiggle, and how you spoke both so sweetly and so passionately about it so often with me. 

I love the sadness I saw reflecting in your eyes, the pain I felt around your heart, the fear that shackled your soul; for they were mine, and through you I saw how immensely beautiful and holy and timed I am. 

The way your entire being leaned into my touch. 

And I love that your eyes lit up so very bright the moment I saw you across that Starbucks parking lot. 

Ooh, sweetness, I was able to fall in love with myself so much deeper through you; through your eyes, the reflections you showed me, the way you loved me. 

Thank you, my love. Never more sweet a gift.
Farewell, you 💫


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