May 29, 2012

My Rollercoaster

I intended to sit here and write about the amazing time we had at our first unschooling conference, LIFE is Good, but instead this came out... 
(I'll post another entry with the photos and possibly a video or two of our time there. All trauma aside; it was a fantastic experience!)

scary as this new chapter looks and feels right now;
I'm finding peace, comfort, and strength in knowing that I will find my way through it...

There is a shift happening in my family. It has been coming for a while, but we tried to forge ahead while holding onto hope. Seems as though hope ran out after day 1 of the LIFE is Good unschooling conference. Shit hit the fan, and I walked around the remainder of the conference in a distracted fog. I wasn't as social as wanted to be, and didn't make the connections I had hoped for. But being in such a safe, warm, friendly space while walking through the vulnerability I was feeling really did help immensely. And the dancing. Oooh, the music and dancing. What an outlet for raw emotional upheaval, lemme tell you!

I wasn't the only dealing with the trauma unfolding before us. My children were right smack in it, too. And again, the distraction of the conference helped them so very much. And that alone helped me so very much. When the kids were happy, running, laughing... I was able to pour all of my focus outside of my head and into them. We had moments of shutting down and crying in our room, but then one of us would remember a great funshop about to start, or a mail tube that hadn't been checked in a few hours, or a new friend they promised to meet in the lobby, and we'd all gather ourselves and run out for some more fun. Knowing that we could walk around the halls and rooms with puffy eyes, tear stained cheeks, and a look of distraction in our eyes without eliciting judgement made us feel so safe. I can't think of a better environment for us during those first few intense days of this uphill climb. 

Obstacles. It's so easy to curse them. To pity yourself because of them. To feel their weight, and their unrelenting pressure. But there is something enchanting about them. About their presence. The vulnerability felt while being faced with them is raw, it's real, it's beautiful. They build a level of self confidence and strength you otherwise wouldn't know existed inside of you. They give you the gift of you. Challenging? Oh hell yes! But exciting, too. Exciting to see where they lead you, what you let them teach you, and who you become because of them.

Our traveling dreams are put on hold. Perhaps permanently; maybe just temporarily. I can't say right now what the future holds for the kids and I. I can say, though, that we will get through this, and become stronger because of it.

"Our roller coaster has the biggest ups and downs 
as long as it keeps going around 
it's unbelievable"

May 7, 2012

Mastering the Master Cleanse

Ok, so this video. It's long. I did take after take trying to shorten it, but it just kept getting longer. Turns out I can talk... a lot. And about some random ass shit, too.  I purposely left out bits of info from previous takes; and yet the follow up takes still ended up being longer. What the hell, dudes?! 
Whatev. I'm a random jabber mouth. Owned!

If you have an extra 20 minutes to sit there and watch me; go for it. And then let me know so I can tell you that you rock. And maybe cheers a glass of lemonade in your honor ;-)

One of the things that I left out of the video was the purpose of each ingredient in the cleanse; so I'll go ahead and write about that. 
Right below.

Organic Cayenne Pepper is a medicinal herb, and so, so, so good for you. It's very high in vitamins A and C, has the complete B complexes, and is rich both calcium and potassium. Cayenne help break up and dissolve mucous, and aids in elimination. It helps the body to create hydrochloric acid, which you need for good digestion. It also helps the body with assimilation (the ability to absorb and use vitamins and minerals). Cayenne dilates the blood vessels, creates an even blood flow, and boosts metabolism. It's also super good for your heart.

Grade B Organic Maple Syrup is chock full of minerals and vitamins. Far too many for me to name here (cuz I'm lazy like that). It'll also give your body the calories it needs while on this cleanse, while adding a deep rich flavor that really hits the hunger spot.

Fresh Squeezed Organic Lemon Juice acts as a blood purifier, and improves your body's ability to release toxins. It creates a healthy alkaline state in the body. The anti-bacterial properties fight disease and infection. Lemon juice breaks down mucous and waste so your body can expel them. And c'mon, it's a natural cleansing agent. Get to squeezing.

There you have it. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line. 

Once I'm done with this Master Cleanse, I'm going straight into the Elimination Diet. More on that later, yo.