December 14, 2007

Day 21 Juice Fast/Feast

Day 21 Consumption

36 ounces - spinach/apple/pear/pinaeapple (this has become my ABSOLUTE favorite juice!)

December 13, 2007

Day 20 Juice Fast/Feast

Day 20 Consumption

32 ounces - brussel sprouts/spinach/carrot/apple/lemon
32 ounces - cucumber/apple/pear/lemon

Day 19 Juice Fast/Feast

I had a REALLY bad day, yesterday! I have been trying to stay so positive for the last 2 weeks. Often telling myself that I was happy, even though I wasn't. Telling myself that I was enoying this juice feast, when I really wasn't (the first week was GREAT, but the last 2 have NOT been AT ALL). I SO wanted to just feel all postive, and happy, and centered. I hated that I wasn't feeling that way, so I tried to convince myself that I WAS, and I hoped it would rub off. Well, it didn't, and it all came to a boil yesterday.

I came to the conclusion that perhaps my body was telling me it was time to stop the feast. I was so stressed, and on edge, and just frazzled ... and that really negated the purpose of juice feasting. So, after many days of turning those thoughts over and over in my head, I decided it was time to break the fast. I started eating some foods yesterday evening.

It all went downhill (well, further down hill) from there. I was a crying, sobbing, heaving, throwing things, kicking the walls, MESS!!! Serioulsy, I was hysterical! I told my husband I didn't care about him, and I wanted a divorce. All the while I was telling myself to stop saying such hurtful things, because I didn't mean them, but the words just kept coming out of my mouth!

After about an hour of trying to convince him to leave, I finally broke down into tears again, and tried hard to explan everything to him. Explain everything I have been feeling for the past 2 weeks, and explain the reasons why I *think* I was acting the way I was acting.

I think I'm still emotionally detoxing. I didn't have a great childhood, my marriage has had more then it's share of struggles, I've personally struggled with both depression and anxiety, yada, yada, yada. There are A LOT of emotions there that need to be purged, so why is it SO hard to just surrender to that, and accept/ackowledge that that is what is going on?


My husband made me a huge juice last night after we talked, and I felt so much better after that!!

Day 19 *juice* Consumption
12 ounces - spinach/apple
34 ounces - spinach/apple/pear/pineapple

December 11, 2007

Day 18 Juice Fast/Feast

Day 18 Consumption

12 ounces - apple/lemon
30 ounces - spinach/carrot/apple
20 ounces - tomato/parsley/dill/cucumber w/ 1/2 TBS msm
34 ounces - apple/pear/pineapple

December 10, 2007

Day 17 Juice Fast/Feast

Day 17 Consumption
30 ounces - spinach/apple/lemon w/ 1/2 TBS msm
24 ounces - coconut water/milk
18 ounces - cabbage/apple/lime

December 9, 2007

Day 16 Juice Fast/Feast

I went to the Obama/Oprah rally today armed with my juices. What an awesome day! Truly inspirational. And I felt so much more connected, spiritually, because of this juice feast. It was absolutely amazing!!!

Day 16 Consumption
12 punces - apple/lemon
34 ounces - cucumber/apple/spinach
34 ounces - pineapple/pear/apple
16 ounces - dandelion/carrot/ginger
1 TBS coconut oil

December 8, 2007

Day 15 Juice Fast/Feast

Day 15 Consumption
20 ounces - cucumber/parsley/apple
12 ounces - carrot juice
12 ounces - apple juice
30 ounces - spinach/apple/lemon w/ 1/2 TBS msm

December 7, 2007

Day 14 Juice Fast/Feast

Wooo, 2 weeks!! I'm feeling really good today. I'd been out of spirits, again, for the past couple of days. Things at home were a bit tense there for a while, and that left me stressed out. It made the temptation of foods that much more difficult. I had food on the brain, and that's hard to shake. I stayed strong by reminding myself of my reasons for doing this, and now today I'm feeling a renewed sense of excitement again!

week TWO progress report

-weight - 119.0 (down 5.4 lbs)
-skin - not much improvement this week
-energy - I physically had a TON of energy this week, but mentally, I just wasn't "here". Outside forces were getting to me.
-I'm having a tough time getting in enough juice during the day. I have to work on that. And I REALLY have to work on getting enough water. There are days that I don't drink ANY water at all. I just can't find the time (or belly space, lol) to squeeze it all in.
-I think I'm going to start oil pulling again.

Day 14 Consumption

32 ounces - baby spring mix/carrot/apple
11 ounces - celery/tomato/lemon w 1/4 tsp spirulina & 1/4 tsp cayenne
36 ounces - spinach/carrot/apple/lemon w/ginger

December 6, 2007

Day 13 Juice Fast/Feast

Day 13 Consumption

36 ounces - spinach/carrot/apple w 1/2 TBS msm
32 ounces - cucumber/grape/pear
28 ounces - kale/dandelion/pear/lemon

December 5, 2007

Day 12 Juice Fast/Feast

Day 12 Consumption

16 ounces - carrot juice w/ 1/2 TBS msm
32 ounces - carrot/apple
9 ounces - dandelion greens/pineapple/orange
34 ounces - carrot/apple/beetroot&top

December 4, 2007

Day 11 Juice Fast/Feast

Day 11 Consumption

28 ounces - apple/cucumber/lemon
16 ounces - spinach/apple/lemon/lime
26 ounces - spinach/cucumber/grape
28 ounces - tomato/parsley/celery/radishroot&top

December 3, 2007

Day 10 Juice Fast/Feast

Today was a much better day, spirit wise. I was once again happy to be feasting, instead of frustrated because of everything else.

That being said, I woke up today wanting NOTHING but coconut water/milk. I, unwisely, ignored my body, and made myself a juice. I made 36 ounces, but only drank 12 of them, and felt sick for many hours after that!

Lesson learned!! nothing but coconut milk after that, haaa!

Day 10 Consumption
12 ounces - cucumber/apple/pear/beetroot&tops w 1/2 TBS msm
36 ounces coconut water/milk

December 2, 2007

Day 9 Juice Fast/Feast

I'm starting to feel slightly - I don't know, bugged. I'm not thinking about breaking my fast/feast, not by any means, but I have been feel more "cravey" lately. I see my kids eating guacamole with cauliflower, and I WANT SOME! lol. Smells of salads and things, too, get to me. I think I'm just getting a bit frustrated. I'm cold. I'm growing increasingly impatient with having to take apart and clean the juicer several times a day. I'm becoming frustrated with the cost of juicing (with a family of 5, it's hard to have a "different" diet plan, and have that NOT affect the check book). I don't know. I'm just bugged.

I'm trying hard to shift my focus ...

I'm going to try and enjoy the sights and smells of some great healthy food as just that - sights and smells. I'm not going to get hung up on what I "can" and "cannot" have. Truth is, I CAN have whatever it is I want to have. I have to remember I am CHOOSING not to feed my body certain things during this time, and there is a reason for that! It's not about deprivation, it's about choices!!!

Sure, it may be a pain in the butt having to clean the juicer a thousand times a day, but I'm SO lucky to have the luxury of not only having the information of a healthful lifestyle, but also the ability to walk the path. I'm going to try and remember to smile each and everytime I am cleaning that juicer, knowing how good I am being to my mind, to my body, to my spirit, to my family, to this entire universe by using such a simple piece of equipment!

As far as the money thing. That one will be a bit more tricky. It's hard for me, as a mother, to know that my personal diet is eating up more of our finances then we have prepared for. I know my health is worth it, and as long as it doesn't interfer with the health of my children, I will find a way to make it work ... it's just a bit hard to swallow the guilt. I'm don't feel OVERLY guilty, in the sense that I'm worried and stressing about it, but I can see how my feelings could possibly escalate to that. I'm going to keep a close watch on my feelings, and hopefully will be able to nip it in the bud before I DO start to worry/stress over it - as that would pretty much null and void any benefits I will gain from this fast/feast.

Day 9 Consumption

28 ounces - chard/carrot/pear w/ 1/2 TBS msm
28 ounces - cucumber/spinach/apple w 1/2 TBS msm
8 ounces - carrot juice
24 ounces - red cabbage/tomato/celery/beet root
1 TBS coconut oil
16 ounces - coconut water/milk

December 1, 2007

Day 8 Juice Fast/Feast

Day 8 Consumption
32 ounces - spinach/apple/cucumber/lime&lemon w 1/4 TBS msm
16 ounces - kale/chard/tomato w tsp 1/4 spirulina
16 ounces - grape/cucumber
28 ounces - cucumber/apple/lime

November 30, 2007

Day 7 Juice Fast/Feast

week one progess
-feel lighter and more balenced
-skin is more clear (have had sebborheic dermatitis on my face for the past 13-14 years, and NOTHING I have tried has worked to clear it. You can definitely see a change, now. The redness is greatly reduced, as is the dryness/flakeyness.
-going through a bit of emotional detox
-weight is 121.4 (down 3.2lbs)

Day 7 Consumption
24 ounces - pineapple/apple/spinach/coconut milk w/ 1/1 TBS msm
16 ounces - orange/pear/carrot/sweet potato
24 ounces - parsley/cucumber/apple w/ 1/4 tsp tumeric & 1/4 tsp cayenne
1 TBS coconut oil
28 ounces - apple/pear/cucumber/celery/carrot w/ 1/2 TBS msm

As I stated above, I think I'm going through a bout of emotional detox. I'm an extremely emotional girl anyway, but today was a bit ... extra! I cried because the juicer wasn't put together this morning (it was drying in the rack because my husband just used it), I cried because there wasn't any cut up pineapple, I cried because the baby spinach leaves were falling all over the place as I was trying to put them down the chute... you get the picture, lol. Today was full of tears ... but it's all part of the process, and I'm really feeling great about cleansing my body from all sorts of toxins... physical, mental, emotional - ALL OF THEM!!!

November 29, 2007

Day 6 Juice Fast/Feast

Doing good!

Day 6 Consumption
34 ounces - spinach/parsley/cucumber/beetroot&top/carrot/celery/tomato w/ 1/2 TBS msm
12 ounces - apple/pear
28 ounces - spinach/grape
20 ounces - parsley/cilantro/beetroot&top/tomato/lemon
20 ounces - kiwi/apple/orange

November 28, 2007

Day 5 Juice Fast/Feast

I'm on day 5 now, and it still hasn't gotten "difficult" yet. I don't know why I'm anticipating it to get difficult? Probably because I've tried fasting before (not a juice fast, each attempt was before raw, and I didn't have a healthful mindset... I was simply doing it to drop pounds quickly), it was always HARD. Probably for the very reasons I just mention, eh? lol. I feel so satisfied and healthy this time. My body, my mind, and my spirit are absolutely LOVING this!!

Day 5 Consumption
12 ounces - cucumber/lime w/ 1/4 tsp tumeric & 1/4 tsp cayenne
34 ounces - kale/cucumber/pear/apple w/ 1/2 TBS msm
1 TBS coconut oil
32 ounces - spinach/cucumber/carrot/grape/apple/pear w/ 1/2 TBS msm
22 ounce - parsley/beetroot&tops/celery/tomato
28 ounces - pineapple/grape/orange w/ 1/2 TBS msm

November 27, 2007

Day 4 Juice Fast/Feast

Day 4 Consumption

12 ounces - pear/apple/grape w/ 1tsp msm
24 ounces - carrot/celery/beet/parsley/lettuce/spinach/tomato/lemon w 1/2 tsp spirulina & 1/2 TBS hemp oil
16 ounces - pear/apple/grape
8 ounces - citrus juice (orange/tangerine/clementine/grapefruit) w/ 1/2 TBS msm
10 ounces - rainbow chard/cucumber/pear/apple
6 ounces - coconut water/milk
1 TBS coconut oil
24 ounces - rainbow chard/cucumber/pear/apple

So I did my first enema late last night, and it actually wasn't nearly as bad as I was imagining it to be. I was completely freaked out by the idea, but I'm always willing to try something new (atleast once :-S ). It wasn't too terribly traumatic, lol, so I'm sure I'll incorporate them as a normal part of this fast/feast. Mind over matter :)

I was a lot less grumpy today, and no headache! Good news!!

November 26, 2007

Day 3 Juice Fast/Feast

Day 3 Consumption
8 ounces - spinach/cranberry/apple
8 ounces - spinach/cranberry/apple
22 ounces - carrot/apple
24 ounces - baby spring mix/bok choy/papaya/pear w/ 1/2 tsp msm
1 TBS coconut oil
12 ounces - green juice (spinach/parsley/celery/cucumber) w/ 1/4 tsp tumeric & 1/4 tsp cayenne
4 ounces - apple/pear/grape w/1/2 tsp msm & 1/2 tsp spirulina

I did NOT care for the bok choy... at all!!! Blech

I woke up really hungry again today, but after 8 ounces of juice, I was satisfied (even though I really didn't care for the juice at all. Too much cranberry!). I'm also a little more tired today then I was yesterday. I had a tough time falling asleep last night, I was sooo... antsy. Like I had a slew of energy that I needed to use up before I could be still. It's also pretty cold and dreary here today, and that always makes me want to curl up in a blanket with a good book.

I think I'm going to look into enemas, just to keep things moving. The thought honestly does freak me out, but I've been reading up on fasting/feasting for a while now, and most people recommend enemas (once or twice daily is the most suggested), so I'll give it a try. Yikes!

I've been feeling pretty grouchy this evening. *shrug* Hopefully I'll shake it soon.

Day 2 Juice Fast/Feast

Sunday, November 25th, 2007 (back logging a couple of days)

Still going strong!

Day 2 consumption
8 ounces - baby spinach/pear/apple/coconut juice
8 ounces - baby spinach/pear/apple/coconut juice
24 ounces - baby spinach/pear/apple/coconut juice
34 ounces - kale/spinach/parsley/celery/apple/grapes
32 ounces -apple/carrot/cucumber/lemon
32 ounces - spinach/baby greens/celery/apple/grape

I woke up really hungry today, which is odd, because I usually don't start feeling slightly hungry until early evening. This is very welcomed, though, as I always felt "off with nature" not eating all day. I was eager to jump out of bed and make a juice this morning, lol. Just one cup filled me up for the first part of the morning.

I'm loving this.

I started craving food this evening (zucchini noodles with "spaghetti" sauce to be exact, lol), but after drinking some juice, I'm feeling satisfied. My body is totally loving these UBBER green filled juices. Yum!!!

Day 1 Juice Fast/Feast

Saturday, November 24th, 2007 (back logging a couple of days)

I have been mentally toying over the idea of a juice fast for quite some time (even before raw, infact that's what lead me to the raw lifestyle in the first place - researching cleanses/fasting), and since today marks my 7th month since switching to a raw foods lifestyle, I figured it would be a great day to start!! I can't wait to see what wonderful health benefits await me. I would absolutely love to see some improvements with this facial skin condition (sebborheic dermatitis) that I have. It really gets to me.

My starting weight is 124.6 (up 3 lbs after my raw thanksgiving... perhaps I indulged a bit much in the pies, lol!)

This is my first juice fast. In fact, Saturday morning was my first time ever juicing.

Day One Consumption
8 ounces - carrot/apple/spinach juice
6 ounces - tomato/celery/parsley juice with a little horseradish
8 ounces - grapefruit/pear/and sweet potato juice.

I loved the first and the last juices. The horseradish was a bit, blech! I was craving it for some reason, so I threw a tiny bit of root in there. It upset my stomach... craving GONE! lol. My husband liked it though.

November 25, 2007

Juice Fast/Feast

Hi everyone! I'm starting a juice fast/feast, so I thought this would be a great time to start blogging here.

First, a little about me. My name is Melissa. I'm 27 years old (soon 28 ;-P ). I've been happily (for the most part, lol) married for almost 10 years to a wonderful man. I'm Momma to my three amazing, unschooled boys, Larson is 9, Rylan is 5, and Owen is 3.My life has been a rollercoaster, to say the least, but I'm finally feeling centered and at peace with my journey.

I'm a raw vegan, as is my entire family. We've been vegan for over 7 years, and turned towards a raw vegan lifestyle 7 months ago.

A little history that lead me to the raw vegan path.

I've never liked meat. The taste, the texture, most importantly the "thought", it all turned me off. I was forced to eat it as a child. I remember vividely having to stay at the tables for hours after dinner was over until I finished all my meat. I would cry and cry, but I still had to find a way to swallow it down.

When I hit my teens, I all but lost my passion for a meat free existance, and merely just tredged along doing as I was taught. I had quite an unhealthy relationship with food. Swaying back and forth from anorexia to bulemia to compulsive over eating that lead straight into early adulthood.

My weight shot up to 180 lbs, my heighest adult weight (aside from pregnancy, that brought me up to 195). I didn't see me when I looked in the mirror anymore. It was someone elses body, someone elses eyes, someone elses soul. I lost ME somewhere along the way.

I was 20 when I again regained my desire for compassion. One night I just decided I was done with meat. I cleared out my house of all things meat related, and gave them away. Ahh, I felt free! I felt like I was making a difference. That is until about a week later when reading Why Vegan online ( I sat staring at the computer screen, mouth wide open, tears streaming down my face, wondering how I allowed myself to be so oblivious to these horrendous facts. That night I cleared out my house of everything dairy and egg related, and we were officially a vegan family!

THAT was freeing. I found a renewed sense of passion.

We weren't exactly the picture of health, however. We were (still are) Vegan for animals rights, first and foremost. Environmental and health issues were an added bonus, but we were in it for the animals. Our health came second (if we thought about it). Sure, I dropped a lot of weight when first switching my diet (about 40-45 pounds in several months), but as the years went by, the more unhealthy I became. We would indulge in all the treats and snacks that we could find, and we did so guilt free as long as they were vegan.

My life was still up and down and all around. I felt like I was finding myself, but everything I seemed to uncover was so polar opposite to that of which I was taught/shown growing up. Everything I discovered seemed to sit on the side of "socially unacceptable". I didn't feel quite comfortable with that. I didn't possess the confidence I needed to move freely through life, being myself. So, I started pulling inward. Removing myself from the world, and the people in it. I kept myself at a safe distance, and didn't let anyone in.

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders ... all again creeped back into my life.

My weight fluctuated from 170 lbs, down to 124 lbs, back up to 170 lbs.

My body was screaming at me to WAKE UP and be better to myself...
I had daily headaches that would often leave me in tears. I was downing atleast 20 motrin a day for teeth pains. I had this pain in my lower back that would NOT let up. I was moody, anxious, depressed, withdrawn. I was holding on to past mistakes made. I felt like I was losing control, and I desperately wanted it back. I was in bad shape.

I stumbled upon raw foods when I was researching fruit/veggie cleanses/fasts. I was looking for SOMETHING to help get my life back together. I hadn't heard of people JUST eating raw foods before, and the idea really intrigued me. I researched and researched and researched, and totally fell in love with the idea of the whole thing. It took several months to finally take the plunge. I had excuse after excuse about why it wasn't a good time. 7 months ago I made the excuses stop. If I was waiting for the "right time", it would never come. If I was going to give this lifestyle a whirl, then was as good a time as any! So, I did it. April 24th, 2007! A day that changed my entire life.

WOW! That's all I can say, Wow! My headaches disappeared within the first few days (a week, maybe). The toothaches I was experiencing, gone!! Incredible. Two sources of immense pain for me, and they both vanished within the first week on raw foods! Simple Amazing!!!

Over the course of the last 7 months I feel ... wonderful!!! I'm feeling centered and at peace. I love the person I have become, and have this new found comfortability in my own skin. Life is amazing, and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to experience it. My depression and anxiety, while still slightly there, are much more easily responded to now. I feel more in tune with my feelings, and I am better able to handle situations that cause my depression or anxiety to escalate. I have an easier time now letting go of things I cannot control (no easy feat for me, lol). I no longer wish to keep people at a distance. I WANT to be surrounded by beautiful loving people, all the time. I have this happiness about me. I smile almost all the time. And after only 7 months! Incredible!