November 26, 2007

Day 1 Juice Fast/Feast

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Saturday, November 24th, 2007 (back logging a couple of days)

I have been mentally toying over the idea of a juice fast for quite some time (even before raw, infact that's what lead me to the raw lifestyle in the first place - researching cleanses/fasting), and since today marks my 7th month since switching to a raw foods lifestyle, I figured it would be a great day to start!! I can't wait to see what wonderful health benefits await me. I would absolutely love to see some improvements with this facial skin condition (sebborheic dermatitis) that I have. It really gets to me.

My starting weight is 124.6 (up 3 lbs after my raw thanksgiving... perhaps I indulged a bit much in the pies, lol!)

This is my first juice fast. In fact, Saturday morning was my first time ever juicing.

Day One Consumption
8 ounces - carrot/apple/spinach juice
6 ounces - tomato/celery/parsley juice with a little horseradish
8 ounces - grapefruit/pear/and sweet potato juice.

I loved the first and the last juices. The horseradish was a bit, blech! I was craving it for some reason, so I threw a tiny bit of root in there. It upset my stomach... craving GONE! lol. My husband liked it though.


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