November 26, 2007

Day 2 Juice Fast/Feast

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Sunday, November 25th, 2007 (back logging a couple of days)

Still going strong!

Day 2 consumption
8 ounces - baby spinach/pear/apple/coconut juice
8 ounces - baby spinach/pear/apple/coconut juice
24 ounces - baby spinach/pear/apple/coconut juice
34 ounces - kale/spinach/parsley/celery/apple/grapes
32 ounces -apple/carrot/cucumber/lemon
32 ounces - spinach/baby greens/celery/apple/grape

I woke up really hungry today, which is odd, because I usually don't start feeling slightly hungry until early evening. This is very welcomed, though, as I always felt "off with nature" not eating all day. I was eager to jump out of bed and make a juice this morning, lol. Just one cup filled me up for the first part of the morning.

I'm loving this.

I started craving food this evening (zucchini noodles with "spaghetti" sauce to be exact, lol), but after drinking some juice, I'm feeling satisfied. My body is totally loving these UBBER green filled juices. Yum!!!


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