July 30, 2011

2011 Packers 5K Run

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Just finished the run!
We finished as a family around 40-ish minutes.

OMG, what an amazing day! 

We didn't get much sleep last night (still trying to recover from our late-late summerfest hours!) I think maybe we got 4 hours total, so initially upon waking up; the thought of running a 5K sounded about as appealing as sticking a fork through my eye and tickling my brain. I.Was.Not.In.The.Mood! And then I realized I forgot to bring a pair of running shorts (or anything that could be a suitable substitue ... I had pants and I had skirts). Mood = f-you people, stop looking at me! Also on that forgot list was a pair of undies. I'm just not much into running bare assed. The sweat needs some kind of moisture absorber, right? Am I sharing too much? lol!

Anyway, so we had to run to the store bright and early this morning. Got my clothing situation squared away and headed over to Lambeau. As soon as we pulled up, the excitement of the day kicked in ... Mood = lets do this! 

We were SO excited! Just being in that environment evokes happiness. I think they filter it through the air up here! And probably spike their water with it, too!

This was the first 5K run event any of us have ever done, so we decided to stick together as a family. Made it much easier to take photos and video :-) This was our first time up in Lambeau, and we were going to be able to run through the players tunnel, and around the field!!! C'mon, of course we need to stop for photo ops! I put us in the 3rd tier for exactly that purpose ... so we wouldn't interfere with the more serious racers when we paused for said photos, lol. 

Beginning the race!
We had a line of 1st and 2nd tier-ers (and most of the 3rd tier, too) ahead of us. 

These motivational signs were all along the route. After the race; we grabbed one that says "Go The Distance" as a "little" souvenir. Love It!!!

Running through the players tunnel into Lambeau Field!!! Epic!

Paused briefly to take a photo of the kids. Still can't believe we were ON THE FIELD!!!

Eating our weight in *free* bananas after the run! lol

It was amazing. There's that word again, lol. There's really no other way to describe it. The kids did AWESOME!!! Going on very little sleep, and having never run that distance before (larson's farthest was 2 miles, rylan and owen 1.5 miles prior to today). I am so incredible proud of these little men of mine. They really pushed hard to reach this goal. The pride they have in themselves makes my heart happy!

We're all still amped up on adrenaline!
*might also still be a sugar rush from all of those free bananas, lol!

This video is REALLY shaky... motion sickness sufferers be warned!

*there are a coupla home videos embedded in this post, so if you're reading this on a subscription feed, make sure to click over to my page to see them!


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