August 2, 2011

The Pauls Do Green Bay!

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We left Green Bay today; Not so much an easy thing to do. Seriously tearful. What was originally going to just be a day trip for the 5K turned into an extended weekend long trip. Who knew it would be so hard to leave! We had a GREAT time! 

Enjoying Lambeau! 
Lambeau is amazing. You can walk into the stadium and enjoy the atmosphere free of charge, anytime. Well, anytime between the hours of like 6am to 11pm... don't quote me on that, but the hours were extremely open and inviting! We walked around. Read all the plaques. Looked at all the photos on the walls. Shopped at the most popular Pro Shop in the NFL (like, seriously shopped! holy crap did I ever do some damage!!) We attended the first McCarthy show taping of the season. And we waited outside the parking gate for the players to leave ... they often stop to chat & sign a few signatures when they're coming to or leaving from the stadium. How awesome is that?!

Stadium Tour
We went on a stadium tour (hello, only 10 dollars a person!) We got to see Lambeau up close and personal; walking behind the scenes, sitting up in a private box suite (holy amazing view), walking through the players tunnel and hearing the simulated sound of the crowd cheering as we emerged; which was just awesome! We learned some interesting history & tidbits on my most beloved team ... like the Packers paid 50$ in 1921 to join the nfl; the cost to join today is nearly 1 billion! We learned of their name sake, The Indian Packing Company. We learned the history of the short time they were referred to as the ACME Packers. We basically learned a bunch of stuff! Our tour guide was great!

Lombardi & Curly

Hall of Fame
The lower floor at Lambeau is dedicated to the Hall of Fame (again, super cheap tickets!). I took most photos down there with my phone, but for some reason I'm having trouble getting my computer to recognize my phone, so I can't transfer those photos right now. You'll just have to take my word for it ... it was great! The kids worked on their lambeau leaps, hopped on bikes with players, watched several different films on Packer history (Ice Bowl, anyone), and sat in Lombardi's office! Then we went to see the Superbowl Trophies and Rings .... Ahhhhhhh!!! "The guys said they wanted their rings to be big and have bling ... we gave them big; we gave them bling". Umm, yea they did! Their new superbowl ring has 13 diamonds in the shape of a G; representing the teams 13 championships. There are 4 large diamonds on the corners boxing in the G; representing their 4 superbowls. And then surrounding the crest are 92 diamonds; representing their 92 year history. Yea, I'd say that's some bling!

decked out for the first training camp practice of the season!

riding bikes to practice

waiting for the players to get to the training field

Training Camp Practice

signatures before and after practice!

Training Camp was awesome! It's FREE! Just show up and watch the Pack working through drills and scrimmaging. Seriously freakin' awesome! In a tradition dating back to like 1957, the Players ride childrens bikes from Lambeau over to their training field across the street (and then back). Kids line up with their bikes before and after practice, and as the players arrive, they hop on a kids bike and away they go. The kid walks (or runs, or rollerblades, or catches a ride on the bikes pegs) along with the player ... chit chatting. Some really tiny kids line up with their bikes (bikes far far FAR too small for a football player to ride, lol) ... so the guys will either walk along side the tiny tot while they ride their own bike, or they'll pick the bike up under one arm, and hold the kids hand with the other. So freakin' cute! It's really pretty cool! Many of the players also stop to sign signatures before heading onto the training field, or after practice is over and they're leaving the field. We got a bunch of sigs! My Pack is super fan friendly!

I love them! I love Green Bay! I miss you all already!

And so does Nick! Yep, Packer nation claimed another. Cowboys be damned! Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this. I mean, my team is great! And even if you're not a born and breed CheeseHead with Packer blood running through your veins, like I am; I can totally see the appeal (ahem, best team in the nfl, ahem). But ... I have a liiiiiiiiiitle problem with sharing certain things. Those things being food, bands, and my football team! I'm working on it. We'll see! lol


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