August 7, 2011

Soul Searching

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There are two distinctive and very different souls living inside of me. One is deeply rooted in tradition and the familiar. She is grounded, and content, and rich in a sprouted community. She wants to be settled in a home she'll grow old in. Huge family parties and gatherings are had at this home. This home is a community hub for the neighbors. A safe place her children can always come back to. A place her grandchildren can sleep over at. She wants her entire family around her, in one spot, ebbing and flowing through life together. 

The other is a gypsy. Always moving. Always free. She longs for open roads and new people. She enjoys change and mystery. There is a great big world out there, and she wants to soak it all in. Hold the world in a paper cup; drink it up. She craves culture, different places, new ideas. Her routine likes to be shaken up regularly. She wants to lift up her arms, and drift wherever the wind blows her.  

These two gals are so very different. Both passionate and unrelenting about their desires; both driving me crazy! lol

We've been looking for a permanent rental here to lie our hats down for a few years. We haven't had much luck. While we were heading out to an appt to view another home this afternoon, the sky stole my attention. The greatness of it; both in beauty as well as size. Took my breath away, and with it my Gypsy Soul sang. 

Moving on. As hard as it will be, I was born to be free. I was born to travel. I was born to soak up every corner of this universe. We cancelled our home appt, and we're looking for an RV or Travel Trailer. It's time to go. 


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