August 14, 2011

not so fast ...

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As it goes, as soon as we make a decision, something happens to give pause. 

I was so very excited about our future. Our travels. I had found a few decent prospects on travel trailers, and I could already feel the warm salty ocean breeze against my skin as I sipped coconut juice on a California beach. Just as quickly as that daydream warmed my soul; life pulled me back down and gave me a good whack upside the head. 

Nick is not doing well, mentally. I had to bring him into the VA hospital here a few days ago with the intent of him being admitted into an inpatient program. Turns out the programs they have available wouldn't benefit Nick at this time (they'd actually hinder his rehabilitation), so he's back here already, but any plans for travel have been squashed for now. He is going to need some intense treatment, and we need to be in a stable environment for it. That has to be our priority right now. 

Aside from the inpatient program the VA here offers, the rest of the center seems amazing. It's smaller, and without a big military base near by, they aren't an over crowded system shoving patients down a conveyer belt. It feels like a much more personal experience. 

I wont lie and say I'm not disappointed. Heart broken, even. But, this is where our family needs to be for now. Wisconsin is going to, once again, be home. 

Bloom where you're planted ... so in the spirit of making the best of our new home, we headed to the lake for an early dinner picnic today. 


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