August 19, 2011

Laundry Day... and stuff

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I know these photos don't so much represent laundry, lol. 
It was freakin' hot inside the laundromat today, so we walked over to a nearby park between loads for some freeze tag. 
One of the reasons I love downtown SO much are all of the parks all over the place. 
Big huge lake front parks, and tiny little neighborhood parks. 
Parks. Parks. Parks. Everywhere!
This particular park is in our new neighborhood!
Wait, wasn't this supposed to be about laundry?
Yea, I changed my mind! Figured I'd blog about our new place instead ...
We struggled hard with the decision between renting a single family home further from downtown, or renting a condo right in the mix of everything. 
There are pros and cons to both - and the back and forth was driving me crazy. 
Nick is a very indecisive person; and his indecisiveness triggers some of my own. 
I finally had to put a stop to it. A decision had to be made. 
We could get into a condo pretty immediately ... who knows when we'd find a house in a good neighborhood. 
We signed for a condo this afternoon. 
It's 2 blocks from the lake, right on the oak leaf trail, near many festivals and events, and we love it! 
Move in is scheduled for Sept 1st! 

Celebratory game of freeze tag can now commence ...


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