August 6, 2011

Family Picnic

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Days like today are the reason we decided to look for a more permanent rental in the area. I love these people! I love having family around. If only I could gather up all of my family and friends around the world and transplant us to a super great climate (like ecuador, or fiji, or ... california if you peeps don't want to leave the country) I'd be set! 

Jenny had to work, Jaime opted not to come, and Frankie (my cousin) & Dawn (his wife) were out of town ... so we didn't have the whole gang there, but we still had a great time. This is a yearly tradition ... so whether we stay in the area, or decide to travel, we'll for sure be back in the years to come! 

Nick and Dad talking about car & house repair ... Nick is excited to learn some things.

Nikkie and Auntie

Some of the crew was getting ready to go fishing.
My boys liked the lures, but they made sure to let the folks know that they're "not fisher-ers", lol

more fishing prep
they threw back all that was caught, otherwise I may have been on the side protesting, lol

the food arrives!

boys helping Gramma set the tables

Me and Julie!

Jayden is super fascinated with the lego set Rylan is building, lol

an intense game on bocce ball

the opposing team!

sent the boys out to gather the balls ... those suckers are pretty heavy!

he's a little bocce balled out, lol.
Still wont smile for me, but he spoke a few words to me. Progress!
Soon he'll love his Favorite Aunt (yes, I'm his fav ... he just doesn't know it yet! lol)

a covert meeting of sorts ...
i can't divulge much info, but it had to do with a stick and a tractor. 

wagon ride with his chips (he wasn't letting that bag out of his sight), lol


no idea where they were going ...

Me and 2 of my Seesters!!!
I love you, people!


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