August 21, 2011


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We planned a picnic at the lake.
From the freeway we saw this GINORMOUS stingray kite filling sky! 
It really was HUGE!
We were really excited for our lake day now. 
Took us a while to find parking, and by the time we were walking; we couldn't see the kite anymore. 
We thought they were probably done flying for the day. 
When we got a little closer, though, we saw that the kite had actually gotten stuck in a tree. 
Oh No!
We went to ask if they needed any help getting it down, but they already had a guy up in the tree. 
The untangled the mess pretty quickly, and got the Ray back up in the sky. 
And they said that was the smallest of their collection. 
The kids found some string and attempted to fly their shirts later in the day. 
I love them!

It's hard to give up this lake front park.
We found a house.
A house we instantly fell in love with. 
Gave up our downtown condo (2 blocks from this park).
Instead we're moving into a subdivision.
Mixed feelings. 


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