March 6, 2008

Live Lightly Tour

We had the pleasure of meeting Sara and Matt (bella wasn't there) of the live lightly tour yesterday in Lexington, SC. If you have not heard about them, check out their blog. It's pretty amazing. And if you have the chance to meet them in person, I highly recommend it. They are both such friendly, inspiring people... we had a great time. Sara gave the boys a few raw treats, so of course the kids love her! Anyone who gives them food is pretty great in their book - haa!

Can you imagine quitting your job, selling most of your "stuff", buying and RV, and hitting the road?

They are hitting it with a very meaningful message to spread - living sustainably. Their RV is run on veggie oil! They have solar panels on the roof for partial solar power. They work on the road (photography, graphic design, handywork, etc). They are living life as green as they can, and empowering others to do the same - spread the love is their motto.

Really, if you have the chance to meet them, make sure you make the time. We'll definitely be following their journey and keeping in touch.


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