December 16, 2008

Is there an end in sight?!

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My birthday was yesterday, and my sweet husband decided he would throw me a surprise party at a friends house. The kicker is - he actually kept it a surprise, as did ALL three of my kids! Now, I knew something was up, they're not that good - haha, but I wasn't sure what. I was thinking possibly a surprise party, but then I thought "nah, it's a monday night, he wouldn't do it on a Monday night". Haaa, yea right!

I had a good time. I am so SO lucky to have such great friends around me. I looked awful (crying on and off for the entire day), and I'm sure I was a bit distant at times (I just can't stay focused lately). It sucks! This dss bullshit is sucking the life right out of me (yes, that's right, this mess isn't over with yet). I had a therapy appt earlier in the day, so I was a huge puddle of tears during that. Then I got home to find out our caseworker has yet again tried to sabotage us (he'll tell us one thing, and then he'll tell his supervisor something else). He told us, again, that he would be making a drs appt for the kids, and to wait for the information on when they would be (and this time we actually called him every stinkin day to get the information, however, he never answers his phone, and we never once got a phone call back!!!!). He then tells his supervisor, as well as the social worker on post that is now also involved, that he has been waiting on US to make that appt, and we haven't yet done so. WTF!!! I can't take much more of this. It's stressing me the hell out. And see, now it's interfering with my partying .... this shit has GOT to end! haha! (ok, ok, I know using humor to mask pain wont make it go away, :-P)

The social worker that is now involved ... dss contacted the family advocacy center on post a couple of weeks ago, and they called Nicks command to schedule a mandatory mtg with Nick. He went in and said he would really prefer his wife be present during the mtg. She agreed that would be a great idea.

Sooo, we went in to talk to her. She basically just wanted to know what was going on. She heard the side from dss, and she was interested in hearing our side of things. So, we explained everything to her. We gave her the run down on our family, what we believe in, the things we do, etc. We explained the way we've been treated by our case worker, the lack of information we're getting, and our feeling that the report was filed simply to hurt us.

She met our children, very informally, and then expressed to us that she didn't see anything that would be cause for concern regarding them (they're all very outgoing, friendly kids who were talking her ears off, haha).

She said that we could go ahead and schedule physicals for all three of the kids through the hospital on post, and she would get in touch with her poc at DSS (our caseworkers supervisor) to see if the information gathered in those physicals would be sufficient enough for their investigation ... so the kids wouldn't have to go through a DSS dr. Wouldn't that be great!?

Those appts were scheduled for last friday. We don't yet have the bloodwork results back yet (hopefully today. The dr who saw the kids is on leave, so it's been difficult finding another dr to read us the results. Sounds like such a simple request, right? I don't know why they have to make it so difficult!), but the regular physicals went very well. My "malnourished" son fell in the 50th percentile for weight. Now, I don't put much stock in those charts - but I know a lot of people do, so... that's a big deal.

Baring any shocking report in the blood work - this better damn well be enough to bring this investigation to an END!!!

This has been such a hellish nightmare.
One that HAS actually caused my children to have nightmares.
How friggin sad is that?!


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