January 6, 2009

2009 - Are You Ready!?

Good New Year to you all!!!

I am really working hard to turn my mood around in the New Year. 2008 ended pretty crappily for our family... and it has spilled over into the New Year (yes, yes, this DSS bullshit is not over with - and there is absolutely NO end in sight. Our case worker is a piece of shit scumbag!!! And yes, that is how I really feel - lol!) On top of that, we have been confronted with a pretty devastating possibility regarding the health of my husband. Nothing life-threatening, no worries there ... but devastating all the same. We're exploring the possibility now, and at the very least, will hopefully have some answers soon. This has been going on for almost 5 years now - answers, even if the results are unfavorable, will be comforting.

I've decided to opt out of a New Years "resolution" this year. They set you up to fail, and I just don't need THAT on my plate right now. There's no room left at the table, haa!

I have, however, decided to adopt a New Years Hobby - so to speak. I am going to have a photographic blog journaling my 2009. A Photo-A-Day for the entire year.

Check it out here

I also just had an article published. Not a big deal, really. And the article itself is not superb (I have never claimed to be an editor, haha) but I'm still excited about it all the same. I actually earn money for this article - a teensy teensy amount based on performance. Which means, the more hits my article gets, the more moola I get. So, please do check it out, and link it to anyone and everyone else you can think of. Help Mama bring home the money!!! lol

The article can be found here

Cheers to 2009! I hope that it is filled with wonderment for each and every one of you!!!

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  1. Yes, you can absolutely add me to your photo blog roll! :-)

    I love Waldorf schools. It's so wonderful that there are so many different options out there for educating our children. We try to bring a lot of Waldorf inspired methods into our home. The more "Waldorf-y" our days are, the more peaceful I feel. Thus, it seems a very natural educational path to follow :-)