September 4, 2010

Happy 11th to Ya Dreadies!

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I haven't really been enjoying my dreads lately (perhaps you could tell by my ubber short Happy 10th blog to them?)
Not sure what it is, exactly.
I mean, I do love them, but at this point, it's mostly just the idea that I'm loving. I love having dreads, just not really liking MY dreads.
A lot of them feel rather flat. The strays hairs keep trying to mate with several different dreads each, causing me to have to rip them apart, often. My bangs are driving me crazy. They continue to shrink - causing them to rebel against being pulled back into a hair tie.
I'm just complaining, really.
Because most everything that has been bugging me about them ... in the end, are the very things I love about them. They're doing their own thing, on their own time, in their own way.
They're inspiring!


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