November 16, 2010

Forever Young... and grateful

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Stress and negativity ... it ages you.
Ages the body. Ages the mind. Ages the soul.

Through it all, there is still so much to be grateful for.
So much joy to feel.
Here's a quick list of what I feel happy about right this moment ...

-rainy days spent snuggled up in bed with my kids watching movies.
-food. i love food. my current faves ... 1. guacamole salad with kalamata olives, and 2. orange juice. yum.
-new knives. no more cutting my fingers each time i slice through something.
-purging our "stuff". this has been a long process, but more and more we're drastically cutting down, and moving toward the more simplistic lifestyle we both feel drawn to.
-sweater jackets. love my sweater jackets.
-owens protective nature, rylans tender heart, and larsons insight.
-ice cubes. i've been crunching on a HUGE bowl of ice cubes while i take a piping hot bath. sooo enjoyable.
-the lighter green color of new growth on my house plants. i love the two-tone green color while it lasts.
-wrapping my arms around my husband, and truly feeling that we'll find a way to weather this. a feeling i don't feel often anymore, so i really relish in the moments when i do.
-my puppy. i'm not really a puppy person ... but i've really been enjoying her. she's so smart and loving!
-bob dylan and bob marley ... their music has been touching my soul more then usual lately.

and on that note ...
listen to it, feel it, live it


  1. thanks for reminding me to be thankful for everything ... I know what stress is doing to me right now xo

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