September 6, 2011

here kitty kitty

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Found this sweet lil gal in our motel parking lot. Her front claws have been removed, and she didn't have a single flea on her. She was obviously someones pet. She was starving and greasy from hiding under cars. We checked with our hotel to see if anyone inquired about a lost cat, and we called around to every nearby hotel to ask the same... nothing. I looked through craigslist for missing cat ads... nothing. I called animal control to see if they could let me know if anyone reported a missing cat in this area... they wouldn't even answer me. Said they refuse to give any information regarding cats over the phone, because there are too many of them, and it's too hard to give/get an accurate description. Said if I wanted their help, my only option was to bring the cat in and surrender it. Upon it becoming "their property", they would then, and only then, be able to see if there was a match in their database. WTF?! If there was no match, she would be held for a few days to see if an owner turned up, she would then "possibly" be available for adoption for a few more days, and then she'd be a goner. Thanks for all your help, jerks. And it's a wonder why so many pets are euthanized every day, right? You really go all out to help these animals find homes! Ugh, boils my blood! 

Anyway, I wasn't going to surrender her there, so she's been living in our hotel bathroom because she doesn't like other cats. During the day I leave the door open so she can come out if she wants, but she knows she can run right back in there if our cats spook her. She likes dogs, though Tatum is a bit skeptical of her. Tay is very protective of her other kitties ;-)!  

She has the prettiest blue eyes. Uses the litter box with no issue. She likes to rub and "scratch on our scratch post, but since she has no claws (poor sweetie!) she wont destroy your things. And she has a great balance between wanting her cat independence yet still loves the occasional snuggle. 

Was that a good enough sell? 
Anyone want a cat??? ;-)


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