November 11, 2008

We have been invaded

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My myspace blog was the victim of my immediate raw emotions. Now that I am somewhat more calm and collected (haa, yea right) I've decided to blog here as well. I don't feel as though I've gotten it all out yet (though, I probably never will, and I'm sure this post will be just as scattered as I start getting heated again!)

DSS is investigating our family right now!

Last Thursday, while the kids and I were enjoying an afternoon of cracker making and smoothie drinking, DSS came knocking at the door. Apparently someone called in a report against us. The allegations ... threat of harm to the children in the house by lack of education, lack of nutrition, and neglect.

The report specifically said that the children aren't in school, and they know for a fact that Melissa does not homeschool (yes, that's right, JUST Melissa. Not both Melissa and Nick ... just ME). It goes on to say that Melissa has a radical raw vegan diet that she is forcing upon her children, and because of that, Larson (the oldest) looks extremely malnourished.

If I weren't so well aware of many stories, JUST like this, not ending well ... I'd laugh at the pure absurdity of it!

The level of spite some people can have. The report was just sooo ... mean spirited and vindictive. Filled with details about our lives that some nosey neighbor wondering why our kids weren't in school (we just moved, so we have new neighbors) just wouldn't know. So, it's someone that knows us. Probably not personally, because anyone that has been around my family knows how completely ludicrous this is ... it has to be someone who follows my blogs, and that just makes my blood boil!!

I follow the homeschooling law in SC to the letter. We chose a method that isn't as "mainstream" as your typical homeschooler, but we ARE within the boundaries of the law. If someone had a concern, a real genuine concern for my children, I would have gladly tried to answer questions to put their mind at ease. If their concern was for my children, they should have tried to talk to us first. Perhaps get to know my kids to see if their fears of "educational neglect" were even founded, before sicking the wolves on us!

Same with the food situation. Everyone needs to eat to survive, simple as that, we just happen to chose to eat differently then the majority of Americans. THAT alone shouldn't be basis for a criminal investigation, and I find it completely and utterly ridiculous that it is!!! If our family ate meat, and this report happened to be filed by a Vegan, ridiculing our decision to eat chicken, and the harm that such a decision is having on our children ... you can bet your ass it never would have gone this far. Discrimination is astounding.

Again, if you have concern for one of my children, talk to us about. Get to KNOW Larson, and then try to tell me, or anyone else, that he looks or acts even slightly malnourished. Yes, he's skinny. Extremely skinny. He's a VERY TALL LANKY kid, just like I was when I was younger, just like his father was when he was younger (although, Dad wasn't nearly as tall and was actually much mroe skinny that Larson, haha)... it's just the way he's built right now!

I get concern. Really, I do. I'm glad there are people out there who are concerned for the well being of children. However, before you put a family through hell, before you scare the shit out of the children involved, before you start the process that could very well end in devastation (we all know how close-minded our country can be) ... why not make sure your allegations are valid!!!! Especially when you know there is no immediate harm being done - take the friggin time to try and talk to the family, get to know the kids, and then see if you still feel the same way.

The fact that this report was against JUST ME, along with the vindictive wording used ... it's very possible this was just someone trying to hurt me. I wish I could figure out who would do such a thing, but I keep coming up empty. When our case is ruled unfounded, since we have reason to believe the report was filed simply to hurt us, apparently there are steps we can take to "counter - attack" so to speak. They came into my home, looked through my fridge, my cabinets, my pantry, checked to see where the kids sleep, and then talked to Larson, outside, alone. Larson is going to have to undergo a physical with one of their Drs. All three of my children are afraid that DSS is going to try to take them away (I continue to try and reassure them. Telling them that the workers at DSS are wonderful people who do everything they can to help protect children that are being hurt. I tell them that we have nothing to worry about it, because we haven't done anything wrong" But they're smart kids, they know anything is possible. In their words " you never know what people are thinking, even if it's not true"! They are absolutely correct! Add even if the charges are unfounded, this will remain on my record for FIVE years!!! So, you bet we're going to take the steps to counter attack. If we can only get so far with DSS, will bring it to our lawyer and take it as high as we can.

Like I said, I am very well aware that a lot of these cases (families straying from mainstream America) do not end well. DSS has up to 60 days to investigate the charges against us, and determine whether they're indicated or unfounded. We wait, for up to 60 days, to find out what someones OPINION of our family will be, and what the ramifications of that opinion mean for us. An OPINION!!!

Ughhhhhhhhhh!!! I am feeling so completely hurt and betrayed.

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  1. Oh my GOD! I am SO sorry. That anyone could read your blogs and have anything but respect for you and your children is beyond me. I would be willing to bet this person is just jealous that they cannot give their child such a loving healthy environment. My thoughts go out to you right now and I hope everything turns out OK.