November 4, 2008

We have spoken!!! We have been heard!!!

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We are ready for Change! And damnit, we are going to get it!!!

GO OBAMA! The next President of the United States!

I am so unbelievably excited and hopeful. What a great night in our history. One that even my children are relishing.

** it really is a shame that all the nasty bitterness is already flooding the web (we're watching the live coverage online). Even Rylan, my 6 yr old is noticing it, and wondering why people were being so mean spirited.
Pretty sad!

An edit really quickly to add a response I left to address the people who have read this blog, and have told me they ARE disappointed, upset, and bitter, and feel they have every right to express it, just as they are sure I would if the results went the other way. I want to post my response to that here in order to clarify, and possibly end the msgs I've been getting, haha ...

You are absolutely correct, I would have been very disappointed if Obama had lost. And you are also absolutely correct, you have every right to feel and say whatever you please, that's the biggest reason I love this country as much as I do. I share my very opinionated voice all the friggin time, haa.

I would like to think if Obama had lost, I would have been disappointed, yes. And disappointment doesn't even seem like a strong enough word for what I'm sure I would have been feeling, but I honestly don't think I'd go off on the McCain supporters, saying things like "you people just sent us all to hell", or "way to go, liberals (like that's a bad word or something), you just took my military pay with you on this wave of change, good luck with that". Etc...

That's where it gets sad to me. McCain showed a whole lot of class. For the most part, I respect him as a person, I always have, I just don't respect his politics - he wasn't the candidate for me. So, I don't think I would have gone on to throw personal attacks around on the people who support him.

I'm truly am sorry for the McCain supporters. I truly did feel heartache during McCains speech. I know he loves this country. I know he wants nothing but the best for America. It just isn't the image that the majority of the people in the US want, and that's ok. They were both very different, and only one could win.

All of that to say, being disappointed, of course that is entirely understandable (even if it drags on longer then just tonight ... I'm sure I would have had a deflated sail for a while) ... but the constant hate and meanness is something that I just don't appreciate.


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