August 2, 2010

Boys & Their (big) Trucks

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We stopped by a rescue station while we were out today.

It's near impossible to drive past a new one and not stop ... the boys love touring the trucks.

We've been to dozens of stations over the years.

Learning about, and climbing through the trucks.

Touching, and learning uses for each and every piece of equipment.

Hearing protocol and routine both during an emergency as well as on down time at the station.

And it doesn't seem to ever get old to the kids!

This particular visit took about an hour. The guy was really great; very thorough, and extremely engaging.

And the kids; they stood there with their eyes locked, their attentions full, and their ears perked ... as if they'd never experienced a fire station tour before; Never heard such amazing facts and stories before.

It's priceless how awestruck they become... every.single.time! lol.
I prize our unschooled life with the glory :-)


  1. [...] though much of the information they’d heard many times before. They’re great! Check out my blog to see some more great photos of this visit! | « Day 213 [...]

  2. We still get excited by the big red trucks, too...heehee. I loved to see the faces of the little ones during our annual parade when the firetrucks and police cars came through with their sirens signaling the start. The joy and excitement was palpable. I will miss that this year...

    Thank heavens for men that risk their lives, and so unselfishly give their time for their community.

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