July 31, 2010

"your 6yr old will not remember your problems..."

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Read a very touching blog post the other day, and I wanted to share it.

You can find the author over at his blog, RagamuffinSoul, or here is a direct link to the particular post that I'm talking about.

I feel the message in his post goes hand in hand with my previous post, I'm THAT Mom.

It's a message that gave me goosebumps, put tears in my eyes, and a giant smile on my face.

It's a message I hope we can all take to heart and incorporate into our lives ... our children deserve it.

Here it is ...

My 6 year old looked at me in the eye today and asked me if I would go out on a date with her.
I told her yes.

In the back of my head all I knew is that I have a flight to catch and 55 phone calls to make.
2 hours later there are 55 people mad at me for not calling them back and I am late to my flight…
But she…


…is in love with me and they never will be.

When you work for yourself, are behind on the mortgage, have sickness in the family, have a client waiting for something, are a lonely stay at home mom, or any other “grown up” problems…
Your six year old will not remember those problems, just that her dad said “I’m busy”.

If you appreciate that post as much as I do, hop on over to his site and let him know!

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  1. awww, I do like that post and your post as well....you've raised some special boys who have hearts of gold, the story above is so touching!