July 9, 2010

My Hoop'n Hunny

Nick is undergoing radiation today.
He'll be quarantined in a room in the hospital for 3-4 days.

It's a procedure that I (personally) feel is not worth the risk ... but it's not my body. My life isn't the one at stake. I fully support his decision to go forward with it (though, I fear this entire decision, from surgery to radiation, was very heavily swayed by the military. He doesn't have much control or many options in his health care. In working toward his medical retirement, anything that the military deems an "appropriate course of action" must be followed. If he refuses any of it (drs appts, meds, surgery, etc) it's considered none compliance, and will screw him out of his earned retirement. They'll go as far as handing down an order (much like they did with the surgery), leaving him with 2 "options" ... either obey the order and have the surgery, or decide that he's not ok with the procedure and opt out of it. The latter would be disobeying an order, and he'd get kicked out dishonorably. It's a threat they have hung up over his head, and remind him of often. Makes me sick with rage!)

Buuut, I'm not here to talk (any more) about that today. While he's being pumped full of toxic poison, I want to send my light and love to his speedy recovery by talking about something more uplifting ... My Hoop'n Hunny!

I've been intrigued by hoop dancing for a couple of years, but it wasn't until recently (ahem, sara talking about it endlessly on her blog ... even setting up an entirely new blog dedicated JUST to hooping!) that I decided I was going to finally make my own hoop and give it a go.

I'll talk all about our family hoop making day later ... this one is just about the hubs.

He's a great hooper! Really, he's fantastic. He picks up the tricks so quickly, it's amazing. I have such a difficult time learning new tricks by seeing them online. I'm a much more touchy feely kind of learner. I often need in person demonstrations before it will CLICK. Knowing not another hooping soul in this big ol city I live in had left me high and dry in the in person hooping help ... so I recruited my hubs.

I'm good at breaking down the movements in order to show him how the trick works. He picks it up SO quickly, and then is there to teach it back to me in real time. We're quite a team!

I love watching him. Hard to remember him ever appearing sexier to me ;-)


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  4. love and light to Nick, and to you and the boys....who have the strength to endure it ((Hugs))