January 12, 2013

Raise Your Glass

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The Big Chill (more of that later *wink*) took on the town last night, 
but actually the town took me on.
Or a single event in the town; that is.

We went out to bar hop, but having only one bar in all of Key Largo (what?!) we big chilled at the Caribbean Club. We danced, we drank, we laughed, we shared stories, we climbed trees, we peed in the ocean.

we witnessed a tragedy...

We noticed emergency lights near the road, so we went to check. My eyes immediately went to a body on the ground. In the middle of the street. Motionless. Paramedics grabbing something from the back of their vehicle. A sheet. In slow motion they unfolded the sheet, flipped the middle into the air, and lowered it down on the body.

The man was crossing the road when he was struck by a car. The car wasn't speeding. The driver wasn't drinking. He was just getting off of work, and on his way home. The man crossing the road, with a cane, may not have been paying attention. Perhaps he thought he had more time then he did to cross. Maybe he chose to be there. We'll never know. Dead. Just like that.

And at the exact moment the sheet touched his body, the biggest, brightest shooting star I have ever seen shot across the sky. At.The.Exact.Moment.

And then tears.
A lot of tears.

I stood there, in the parking lot, crying over a man I had never met. A man whose life was taken so suddenly. Did he have a family? I cried for the emergency personal who would have inform that family of the tragedy. What a heartbreaking job. I cried for the man who was driving the car. I can't imagine the feelings he will go through for the remainder of his life. Does he have a family? I cried for my Tony. Who left me, left all of us, far far too soon. I felt my body shaking. I collapsed into Nicks arms, feeling such an overwhelming sense of grief. Tears burning my cheeks.

That shooting star.
So amazingly beautiful.
So serene.
So very poetic.

We went back into the bar, raised a glass, and hugged.

Life is short, yo.
So, so, so damn short.
Live it up, Raise your glass, and Love with your entire fucking hearts ...
every . single . second


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