February 20, 2013

The Big Chill 13

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and it only took us 4 hours to come up with that instagram tag...
Lucky for us thecraycrayclan was taken!
And even more lucky; we were talked out of thefreesomethreesome!

We met in person only 5 short months ago, but the connection was instantaneous. These families are amazing. The men are goofy, the kids are spunky, and the women... they have a solid place in my soul. We're different in a thousand and one areas, but we're very much kindreds.

Hear that Tara and Heather? ... we're Kindreds!
Kindreds, I tell ya!

Anyway, we all met in the flesh at Wide Sky Days.
It was there that we decided to make a date for the FL Keys this January to kick off the New Year.

After knowing each other only 4 days.

How often is it that you met someone new, say something generic like "we should totally get together for such and such", and "such and such" just never comes to fruition? This plan we hatched at Wide Sky Days ... I wasn't just talking pipe dreams. I was absolutely stone cold serious about making it happen; and holy hell ... the families that were "hatching with us" were stone cold serious, too! Wa (of wapama) already had reservations there for the month, so we knew exactly where and when we were going. And the amazing connection we all had fueled our motivation to get us there. Come hell our high water... we were getting to our tribe!

The two full time traveling families (Wa and Pa) kicked it up in the Keys for the entire month of January... one of the perks of living wherever we're parked, haaa. The family that relies on a sticks and brick job (Ma) had only a week there (no matter how much pleading we laid on them to stay longer), but it was a great week!

It was just so comfortable and relaxed. No faking, just realness. We each had our shit surface at least once or twice, at our respective times (thank the universe we weren't all riding the grouch wave at the same time, lol), this tribe is just so ... comfortable. I don't know another word to use. It's so easy to be exactly who we are around each other.

When you find people like that ... soak it in.
And nourish that shit!

We talked, we swam, we watched sunsets, we enjoyed the floating crabs wafting around, we snorkeled, we toured, we art journaled, we looked for crocs, we ate, we drank, we hugged, we laughed, we laughed, we laughed. We encountered Manatee.

Oh wait, that last one was just me!
;-) lol

We nourished the relationships that were born 5 months ago. 
And I cannot wait to see these families again! In April.

Or maybe sooner...
remember guys, my house has wheels, watch your driveways!

In the meantime ... lets relive the magic with a slide show of our time together!

photo credits: nick paul, tara wagner, justin wagner, heather mattern, caleb matter, and me
music: imagine dragons, on top of the world. michael franti, anytime you need me

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  1. I love the slide show. All ur fun and adventures in one place to good music!