April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

We're all in this together! I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Earthday. A wonderful opportunity for those who may not be too earth friendly to really learn about the Earth, and the small things you can incorporate into your daily lives to really make a huge difference! We have only one Earth - let's show her the love, respect, and care she not only deserves, but absolutely needs to keep going. Without her, humanity is doomed. Americanforests.org is a great organization that plants a tree for every dollar donated! Become a member, donate monthly, and feel good knowing you are REALLY making a GREAT difference for our environment.

We've been doing a lot of planting around our yard. I'm so excited to report that our tiny twig of a nectarine tree is finally budding. Not just leaves, which were completely nonexistent last year, but FRUIT as well. Oh Happy Time!!! We also planted a peach tree that is yielding ONE itty bitty little peach as of now. Along with those, we also planted an apple tree in the front, and a pear tree to the side... neither are showing signs of fruit yet, but our fingers are crossed. My clementine tree from last year looks pretty pitiful. After trimming off all the dead growth, we have only a 3 inch section of live tree left. Hopefully I'll be able to nurse that baby back to health. We also have a lemon tree that didn't do anything last year, but we're hopeful this year. Aside from fruit, the tulips we planted in the fall are coming up. My gerbera daisies are back from last year! We planted some jasmine vine along the two trellis' out front. I LOVE jasmine!!! My favorite scent, it puts an instant smile on my face. And we moved our ivy vine to a different section of the house.

Ahhh, I love planting and watching things grow! It's simple amazing.

Too bad we're a military family, living in military housing, so sooner or later (more likely sooner) we'll have to leave this beautiful yard. Then we can only hope the new family that moves in will appreciate the "fruit orchard" we have going on here, lol.



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