April 28, 2008

Where do you get your protein?

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As a vegan, I was often asked this question. Now, as a raw vegan, this question is again the basis of most arguments I receive.

My reply... "Where do you get YOUR protein"

almost always the answer is... "Meat" "You know, REAL food. Mooo"

Again, I throw a question back at them... "Ok, where does that cow get his protein"

Sometimes this is enough to stop the conversation right there, as the person can see where I'm going, but other times it takes a bit more for the light bulb to go off.

Cows get their protein from the grasses and grains they are fed, period. Cows are herbivores - they do NOT eat meat. So, it is simply baffling to me that people think they NEED meat for protein. It's so nonsensical. Why not cut out the middle man (the cow), and go straight for the grass yourself?? You clearly feel a grass fed diet is enough to give the cow the protein it needs to pass on to you when slaughtered and consumed, right? Leave the cow alone, and go straight to the source. In doing so, you will also eliminate all the chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, drugs, etc that are pumped into the animals to make them as fat as they possibly can; in the quickest and cheapest way possible. Furthermore, by getting your protein from plant sources, your body will process and absorb much more protein. When you try to get your protein from meat, you have to cook it... losing about 1/2 of the protein in the process. The rest has to be digested and assimilated by the body, which can take up to 100 hours. Think about that? A dead, rotting chunk of animal flash is left sitting INSIDE of you for up to 100 hours; while your body is put through the ringer trying to digest it. How much protein do you really think you're absorbing after all of that? A few grams, maybe. Why? What's the point? When there is an easier, healthier, and more beneficial way to get your protein ... WHY not take it?

[Protein does not create protein in the body. Amino Acids create protein in our bodies. The best sources of amino acids are leafy green vegetables]

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  1. Beautifully put! I will definitely talk about the cows the next time I get the "good 'ol protein" question.

    Love, life, light and bliss!