July 29, 2009

Dread Dying Woe's

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Dyed my dreads blonde a couple of days ago...
and let me tell you, dying dreads is NO easy feat!!!

So, I dyed them blonde.
One box wasn't nearly enough, so I had to rinse and run to the store for more.
Dyed the entire head this time.
Hated the blonde.
Was WAY too impatient to "give it time".
Dyed them back brown.
Two bottles of the brown was NOT enough to cover my hair.
(damn different brands with different sized bottles!!!)
Had a seriously marble looking mop going on.
Hated it... passionately!!!
Crying started. A LOT of crying.
Decided I was just going to chop the dreads off.
Nick stopped me.
Listened to me cry.
Listened to me hurl a few insults at him (poor guy).
Listened to me apologize for being so crazy.
Decided to bleach the color out of my hair to even out the marble look, and better take a full color.
THREE bottles of hair bleaching solution was NOT ENOUGH!!!
Why, oh WHY did the bottles keep getting smaller and smaller?!??
More crying. A lot more crying!
Again, I was ready to chop the damn hair off of my damn head!
Again, Nick patiently listened to my irrationality.
After I came back down to Earth, I decided to just "give it time"

I DID just blog about hoping to learn the art of patience through this whole dreadlocks process, right? Can't really say that I have been a shining student thus far, HAAA, but... that's why they call it a process.

So, right now my hair has sort of a blonde, brown, reddish thing going on.
What a ride! lol
(thank goodness I have dreads, where dry/fried hair is actually helpful ... because wow, there was a LOT of chemical processing going on! And the sad part is - I actually really did like my natural color. Can't figure out WHAT I was thinking!)

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  1. Oooooh girl, I wish you would have emailed me first and I would have told you to get it done professionally!! I tried it once by myself and didn't like it either, but now I get it done at a salon and love it every time. Sorry you had to go through that! I'm sure it looks great though! xxoo