July 31, 2009

Run Away Train

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looking so sweet, calm, and at peace while he sleeps ...
this kid gave me such a scare today when he decided he was just so mad at me for grounding him for "no reason at all"; that he was going to go ride his scooter around the surrounding neighborhoods for a while in order to "cool off".
The problem with that?
He didn't tell me he was leaving!!!
Just took off!

I had no idea where he was. He told his brother he was going to the skate park, however ... he wasn't there. I drove around looking for him, but I couldn't find him anywhere. Called Nick to have him come home. The thought of this situation being turned into DSS had me so extremely nervous and scared that it made me hesitate for a second before calling the MP's (military police). How sad is that? I'm so fucking paranoid about DSS that for a brief (and I do mean brief) moment I thought about NOT calling the police to help find my child! Ugh! People don't realize how much of an effect a poorly misguided report to DSS can cause a family. So careless!

Anyway, tangent there - whew.

So the police were called. Something like 25 officers in cruisers were looking for him, they had bike patrol searching the trails, they notified the gates so they could check cars coming and going. It was family day, where families come on post to watch the graduation ceremonies. It's always pretty easy to get on post, but it's especially lax during family days. Any tom, dick, or harry has extremely easy access to post on said days. Scary. Very scary!!

2 hours later he came home on his own. Nick was here finishing up the police report. I was in the car driving around looking... just happened to be pulling into the driveway as Nicks call came in to tell me he was back.

Thank Goodness!!!

The police reports had to be finished. All our information given. The police were finally asked to leave, and the 2 detectives had to come inside to talk to him. Again, I tensed up, thinking of our experience with DSS. How rude, pushy, intimidating and insulting they were. Fearful we were again going to be under scrutiny, with a malicious hand calling the shots. However, they were so very nice and comforting to Larson. So calm and friendly. I was immediately put at ease listening to their conversation. Larson wasn't readily willing to talk. He thought he was in huge trouble. However, they were quick to put him at ease as well. As easeful (is that a word, lol) as he could be at that point, anyway.

Hopefully this situation is behind us. Yes, paranoia about dss still lingers. I'm sure it forever will. Unfortunately.

Larson is ok - that's what matters!
In more trouble, yes, but he's ok!


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