January 30, 2011

Glimpse of Spring

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Ahh, the weather was in the mid 60's this weekend; Yum! 
It was wonderful, and just what we all needed. 

The boys are getting over a little chest cold they picked up somewhere. They haven't been sick in over a year, so I'm always a bit taken a'back when sniffles hit our home. It seems so ... strange to me. I mean, I hear people complaining talking often about being sick, or their kids being sick, all.of.the.time, but because we rarely deal with it, I guess I just sort of forget that sickness is a real thing. Anyway, we headed out to enjoy a day in the sun, a picnic lunch, and a walk around the lake. 

*Disclaimer; Arizona or S. California are looking more and more appealing to us as we figure out where we'll go after the military. Sun, Sun, and more Sun please! 

Tatum ... making sure to make herself thoroughly muddy

we enjoyed a leisurely walk around the lake

i <3 flip-flop weather!

he was SO stuck in the muck! lol

big brother to the rescue!

he had to keep emerging from the lake to empty his boots of water

Sweet Morgan ... it was her first "swim"

nice expression ... he was playing with a hallowed out baby turtle shell

he proclaimed himself King of the Stump, and challenged us to over take him.
the other 4 (dogs included) quickly pounced!

Pretty Girl sporting her Packers gear! Go Pack Go!

soaking up as many rays as I can ... it's supposed to be rainy all next week.

casting his makeshift pole.
they found a lot of bobbers and string out there. lots of hooks, too, which they were very proud to remove from the lake so the fish and turtles wouldn't get hurt. <3

working on his stick pole

"lets see how far out we can go"
didn't make it too far before they had to come back and warm their toes.
the water was cold!

drawing in the surf

the sun, the beach, the family ... bliss

my pooches!

my loves ... minus larson, who is still over there ---->
working on his stick pole

strike a pose! totally loving shadow photography lately, lol

walking on the beach ... one of my favorite past times. 

We had a great day. Rejuvenation for the coming week. As I said, it's supposed to be rainy all week. Aside from that, though, we should also hear something about the appeal this coming week. Anxiously awaiting that, and obviously hoping it swings in our favor. Once that's done, there will really only be about 2 weeks left of military service before we're done. It'll be a busy coupla weeks.

Also thrown in there will be Owens surgery. It was supposed to be last wednesday, but I rescheduled because of the bout of sickness. It's now scheduled for this wednesday, but I think I'll push it out one more week. Make sure his body has finished fighting off infection, and is totally back to normal before he's put under anesthesia. 

Oooh, and lest we forget the SUPERBOWL!!! My PACK is IN! That will surely take up some of my time and energy... and voice! lol

Yes, a day of reconnection spent in the sun was just what we needed!

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  1. that weather is a dream to me - we are getting dumped with snow.

    A new puppy - I think he's adorable - love him!