January 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland 2011

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Word came down last night that tomorrow (today) all schools were canceled, businesses were closed, and Nick didn't have work. SNOW DAY!

Living in the South, they're not prepared in the least for snow, so they have to be overly cautious if they even think that wintry weather could be moving our way. Usually the snow misses us, and it's just a free day for kids and workers. This time, though ... we got hit! About 3 inches or so. Weeee!!!

The soft fluffy-ness didn't last very long before the freezing rain started hammering us; turning everything into ice. Not too mention the lightening and thunder storm that started up early in the process. I can't remember ever seeing lightening or hearing thunder while it snowed; and I'm from Wisconsin!!! But, with plastic bags wrapped around our socks, and cling wrap inside of our mittens, we braved the conditions. Oh... we sure did!

and we've just been told that Dad also has off tomorrow because of the weather!
(it is REALLY icy out there)

spying a glance over at the other teams camp

he shoots ... he scores

the best part about playing in the snow is the built in snack!!!

these rain boots kept the moisture out, but my toes were ice cubes

see owen's snowball heading straight for dad's arse?
now see his face ... he's quite proud, lol!

oh no ... everyone TAKE COVER

holy ninja attack ... they came out of nowhere!

nailed right in the lip by a flying ice sheet (aka ... owen's "frisbee")

it's difficult standing up after making a snow (*ice*) angel

aww, my sweet tater pie loves the snow

i don't know where owen gets it from, lol

ching (he doesn't like snow hats!)

quite strange how this photo doesn't look too "snowy" ...
the forest we were in was covered (except this particular tree, apparently)!

i love snow on trees

ahhh, icicles ... another delicious snack


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