January 17, 2011

Relocate the Pain

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It's Martin Luther Kind Jr Day, and I am internalizing.
Surprise, right?  Haa

I'm sitting here eating Earth Fare pita chips. No, my friends, they are not raw. Quite frankly, they are hurting my stomach. But I think that's the point. To relocate the pain. I'd rather deal with a stomach ache, a self-induced stomach ache, then face the pain of the truth. A truth so cold that I just can't bare putting words to it. As much as things are changing, they are also heartbreakingly staying the same.

So here I sit. Eating. Crying. Puking. It's all smoke and mirrors. Working to dilute myself; distract myself. It's not working. It's just making me sick; literally.

Instead, I'll refocus,
there is much more work to do in order to live in a world in which Dr King spoke of. That msg can be applied on a more simple platform as well ... single family by single family. Much work.


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