May 29, 2011

Doing Asheville

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7 days, 5 people, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 sleeping bags, 1 motel bed, and a tiny mini fridge.
The best part ... we get to do it again in a week. Weeee!

I'm exhausted. We spent the past week up in Asheville looking for a house. We found several, but none that have been just right yet (one that we LOVE!!! but it's a bit further out of the city then we want to be, so we've reluctantly decided to let it go).

Owens Birthday is on Wednesday, and we have a few appointments here in Columbia on Thursday ... so it looks as though we'll be heading out of here on Friday and taking up permanent residence in a motel until we find something. Social Security came through. A years worth of back pay in one swing is pretty nice, ha! The VA process is also pretty much done. All appts have been complete; now his claim is just waiting to be sent up for ranking, and that can't happen until he's officially retired (June 7th). So really, we've got nothing else to do but bum around in a motel room for a while. 

And we love Asheville ... the motel room wont see much of us!

we ate

and ate

we shared a bed

we met new canine friends

we climbed fences and gazed at the action on the other side

we visited more funky shops

and had a field day with all of the accessories.
oh happy day!

we played the "who can stay on a wiggly log the longest" game
ahem, me!

we climbed small walls

and big ones

enjoyed our first festival in Asheville
and were giddy to see all the HOOPS!

and a hoop maker on the spot!
oh happy day, AGAIN!

we tried out long boarding
and now all my boys are hooked

listened to live music

music in the name of Zach Deputy!

and we ate some more!


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