May 20, 2011

the one where she does a Photo Update

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Things have been quiet around the blog lately, and I'm slowly working at figuring out some balance. Balance amidst our very unbalanced life right now.

I haven't yet found my stride in "retirement blogging", lol! 
Working on it. Check.

We're still here, in Columbia, in an empty house, sleeping on the floor, living out of suitcases, eating out of boxes. 

There you go; that's the jist of it; all caught up. 

But, because I have a gajillion photos in my camera, and I miss posting them, I'm going to do a photo-synopsis of our lives over the past month or so. 

Excited, right? 
I know ... me too! 

we watched our stuff being packed into trucks

we turned in a stack of medical records to the VA that could have made it in the world records book

we made faces at dad ... a lot of them

we scaled mountains
(ok, we climbed the nice winding trails, but still, we went to the tops of em)

we targeted some new awesome funky shops ... and spent some mooooooola

we danced in dandelion fields

we had our LAST appt with the "broken arm doctor"

we drove to and from North Carolina a whole heckuva lot

we hooped

and hooped some more

we hung out in the laundromat ... knitting!

we listened to some great live music

we nurtured a budding photog at his first concert gig

we celebrated Mother's Day!!!

we were witness to ALL THREE kids falling asleep in the car at the same time!

we read books

we hiked

we found a creepy cemetery in the middle of the woods during said hike.
(no trail or anything, just this sign, pointing that way. strange!)

we went to the track and ran a coupla miles under the moonlight

we had some crazy boy bonding time

and some crazy Mom bonding time!
we smiled

we loved

we grew up!
(taken two months apart) 

we found wildlife

and we enjoyed being together


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