March 25, 2012

On the Road Again!

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Smiling Happy People

As I sit here, in the clubhouse, watching my children swim - I am overcome with feelings of peace. Feelings of love. Feelings of content.

We're here.

We've been planning for this moment for the past 4 years; and we're finally here ... It seems surreal.

Our Home!!!

We have our 5th wheel!
We're on the road!
We're full time travelers!


Borrowing my Gramps truck until our VA rating comes back (yep, still waiting - haa!) and then we'll be buying our dually 4X4 and converting it run on veggie oil! Love, Peace, and Veggie Grease!

I still get such a happy butterfly pit in my stomach when I think about it. The giddy excitement is out of this world!

There are some fears there. Some uncertainty. Some really scary unknowns. But I've taken to smiling in the face of them all. Smiling. Because WE'RE HERE!!! I can't believe it. Even as I'm looking at it; I can't believe it. Eeeee!

Finding consistent internet on the road has proven a challenge. It'll take some shifting and getting used to, but now that we're settling into our new lives; it'll be something we'll figure out quickly. I miss connecting with all of you! But hey, now that we're mobile ... we can connect in person much more often, too!! Lets me up, yo!


Our first night in our new home deserved a sparkling sider toast!

family near, fun socks, and the open road ... all a girl needs!

A beautiful capture of a beautiful day ... our first rv resort stay is something to be remembered

relaxing on the dock

A little bball for my boys

What I see right now <3

Stay tuned for a video tour!!!

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  1. Love, love, love that you are on the road and living your dream! We pick up our fifth wheel on Monday! Still looking for a truck to pull it!