October 22, 2008

An observation

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I frequent both Obama and McCain sites daily, and am subscribed to both party's headquarter news. Not because I'm undecided, but because I like to be informed. The whole "know you're competition before you begin, while you're in, and after it's over" type thing.

I have yet to find any consistently positive message coming from the McCain camp. Most of their efforts are spent on Obama. What kind of person Obama is. What lies in Obama's past. Obama's policies. Obama's family. Obama's this, Obama's that. Really, most every bit of news put out by the McCain camp focuses NOT on McCain himself, or even Palin for that matter, but instead on their competition - Obama/Biden.

Of course a certain amount of effort HAS to be spent on the competition. I'm not naive, I get it, thanks. But when the MAJORITY (and in this case the VAST majority) or your time, your finances, your campaign as a whole is spent on the OTHER guy ... don't you think something is wrong with that picture?

Don't you McCain/Palin supporters ever ask yourself why your candidate chooses not to focus on himself, on his own campaign ... other then the inconsistent crumb dropped here and there, and instead chooses to talk mainly about Obama?

Manipulation? Scare tactics? A weak campaign?

You decide.


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