October 23, 2008

Homesick for Wisconsin

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I was born in Racine, WI, and I lived in/around the area (Cudahy & Oak Creek mostly) until I was 14. At age 14 my Mom and I left, rather abruptly, for Nevada. For the first few months I missed Wisconsin, terribly. I think it was mostly the way in which we had to leave ... I was unable to say goodbye to just about everyone I had come to know and love. It was hard, and I longed for some sort of closure.

I missed my sisters (all of whom lived with my Father), and I hated being so far away from them. I knew our relationships would never be the same, and I harbored deep resentment over that fact.

After a few months, I missed WI less and less, and then at some point I didn't even think of it as "home" anymore.

I still felt immense sadness over losing a close relationship with my sisters (I still have terrible heartache about it), but other then that, there was nothing in Wisconsin that was appealing to me. I've said, numerous times, there is no amount of money that could influence me to EVER live in WI again!

I have loved being in warmer weather, year round ... citing how I'd "never go back to that frozen tundra - ever"!!! And I meant it. With every fiber of my being, I meant it!

And yet, here we are, 14 years and 3 months later, and for the first time I am missing it so entirely right now (and have been for the past couple of months). I miss seasons. I really do. Especially this season, Autumn. I've traveled coast to coast, and back again (a couple of times) since leaving Wisconsin, and I can say without a doubt, the Autumns in Wisconsin are some of the most beautiful Autumn scenes I've ever witnessed! Absolutely breathtaking! I miss it!! I miss all of it. The chill in the air that has you bundled up with warm knit hats, scarves and mittens, the smells of chimney's and hot apple cider, the crunching sound as you walk over leaves that are just bursting with color.

I haven't even been back to visit in over 10 years, but right now I'd pack everything up and move back there if I could...

Ahhh, I am completely homesick for Wisconsin!

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