October 21, 2008

Two Weeks until ELECTION DAY!

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Can you feel the electricity in the air? A Change is a'coming!!!

I know so many of you are turned off by politics for a number of reasons. The lies so many politicians are known for. The empty promises. The *slaughter* campaigns that can show such an ugly side of people. The election process all together (the completely out-dated electoral college system, the no paper trail computerized voting machines, the idea that no matter how many people vote, the outcome is and will always be "rigged", etc, etc, etc). Maybe you just don't really care who the leaders of this country are, so why get involved. There are a million and three reasons people give for not getting involved.

Whatever your reasons are, I'm sure they haven't changed much, have they? I bet you still think all politicians are liars, so what's the point? I bet you still feel it doesn't really matter - it's just one vote, right? I bet you're still just as discouraged about the voting system, and just don't really want to waste your time with it, right? So all of the "not caring" hasn't done a thing for you, has it? Same feelings, same outcome. So why not just TRY something new. VOTE! You have nothing to lose, but you could have EVERYTHING to gain.

Imagine a country that evoked feelings of inspiration. Imagine a country that evoked feelings of encouragement, hope, strength, and state of mind that WE CAN DO IT!!! No matter what "IT" is, we CAN do it.

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World!!!

Visualize everything you hope for this country, for yourself, and then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Have hope, have faith, have encouragement, and inspiration, and strength --- and then get out there and VOTE to get us one step closer to having our visions for a better world become reality.


Obviously, I support Barack Obama. But my message works for you McCain folks, too. Just vote! Get involved! USE YOUR VOICE!!!


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