October 25, 2008

Controversy Loves Company

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12 Questions to stir up a little Controversy!

do you believe in abortion:
I don't believe in abortion, no. But I am (somewhat recently turned) pro-choice.

do you believe in the right to own a gun:

do you believe in equal rights for homosexuals:
ABSOLUTELY!!! This world needs more love.To deny a couple the right to express their love, as everyone else is allowed, simply because of their sexual preference is absurd, it's sick, it's hateful!

what do you think about the welfare system:
I think it's a sad sad system in our country. It needs to be completely revamped! There are some people, some families out there that need help. Honest people that have hit hard times, and they just need a little assistance to help boost them back up. Our government does nothing of the sort! A family of 4 in need of financial assistant will be granted appox 500$ a MONTH to live on, along with food assistance. And they don't just hand you that money, you are required to work for it (rightfully so). A total of 60 hours must be worked each week, split up between the two adults in the house (rotating shifts, so one is always home with the kids - there goes the time needed to search and interview for another job, right). 60 HOURS of work a WEEK, and our government will give them 500$ a MONTH?!?? WTF is wrong with that picture? A month or two and that family will be homeless, dependant even more on the government that helped push them there. It's really very sad.

do you believe in the death penalty:

do you feel the drinking age should be lowered to 18:
I do think it's ridiculous that a person is seen as responsible and capable enough to sign up to protect, and possibly be killed for this country (the military), but aren't seen as responsible and capable enough to drink a beer. Whether that means lowering the drinking age to 18, or raising the age of "adulthood" to 21 - I don't know. But, the two should be the same!

do you believe in premarital sex:
I don't really care one way or another what a person does with their virginity. I didn't wait. If I had to do it over, I'm sure I still wouldn't wait, haa. I have absolutely no fantasy of my children waiting until marriage. If they choose to, fine. If they don't, fine. My only hope is that when they do decide it's the right time for them - they're respectful of themselves and their partner, and that they practice responsibility.

do you think marijuana should be legalized:
Yep, sure do. The idea that a PLANT could be illegal - it's just insanity to me. Alcohol causes a lot of more damage to people in this country then marijuana ever could, however, our government would never again ban the consumption of it. The practice makes us too much money.

Obama or McCain:
As if you didn't know - Obama!!!!! I'm sure if I was ignorant, and decided to believe every youtube video that floated around myspace, depicting Obama as some muslim extremist, baby killing, playbook giving, healthcare socialist I would probably vote McCain, too. However, there's this handy little thing called "research" ... and instead of believing every POS news clip thrown my way, I decide to research truth and facts.OBAMA '08!!!

do you believe in God:
I don't. I'm quite familiar with the bible, and I have never read a book more filled with hate. Hate isn't something I want in my life, and I choose not to believe in Christianity for that, and many other reasons. I'm spiritual, yes -- just not religious.
I do find it odd that so many Christians think atheists are going to "hell". If you think about, Christians are atheist, too. There are so many practiced religions and worshipped "Gods" in this world, yet Christians are denying the possibility that any of them are real ... any of them except for THEIRS, of course.*shrug* (of course this is a SWEEPING generalization! I am in no way suggesting that all Christians fit into a this specific category).

what is your opinion on rights and services for illegal immigrants:
I've always had the attitude of "the more the merrier" ... so I'm sure I'm quite flittery about this, haha. If they're here working, they should be allowed the rights and services of our land. If there is such problem caused, it's the people that offer the jobs that should be held accountable. If the roles were reversed, I'm pretty damn sure most of us would be doing the same thing. Illegally gaining access to a country that promises pay so you'll be able to take care of your family. You know you would! These people are desperate for a way to take care of their families, desperate for a better life, and our country preys upon that desperation, offering jobs for little pay ... and then chucking them to the wolves when the shit hits the fan and someone finds out.

do you believe in spanking:
Nope, I sure don't! If it were your spouse that you were hitting, in the name of "teaching a lesson", it would be considered abuse, charges could be pressed, and you'd likely end up spending a few a jail.Why do we lower our standards when children are involved???


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