August 18, 2009

Are Pigs Flying?

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Is Hell Freezing Over?

Has Someone Learned the Art of Crapping Money?

No? Really, we're not in an alternate universe?

Then can someone PLEASE explain THIS to me ...

What? Huh? Err? Eh? HUH?!

Let me try to organize my thoughts really quickly about this.
Ummm... it sucks!
Yep, that about sums it up! lol

No, really, I love Favre. Always have ... Always will.
If he still feels he has game left in him, and theres a team out there willing to give him a field to play on, then by all means... Go Get Some, Brett!
But, the Vikings, seriously???
C'mon man!

I'm a cheesehead, through and through. I know everyone says this about their favorite sports team, but they're all liars, and I actually MEAN IT ... The Packers are MY TEAM!!! Good times, bad times... those are my boys, dammit ... MY BOYS!

My Boys have a sour apple in the bunch. He goes by the name of Ted Thompson. The weaselly little fuck of a guy who pushed Brett out... pressured him into early retirement and turned his back on him. I didn't like Thompson well before his and Bretts very publicized debacle occurred ... that dislike grew 10 fold after. It's a full blown hatred now. Though, sports hatred doesn't carry the same weight with it as actual "real life" hatred does, so no, I don't sit up nights wondering how I can get even with the slime ball! lol. Although, I have to say, the thought of Thompson being made to CHOKE on his choices does make me as giddy as a school girl talking to her crush ... and that image could very well play out this season, with good 'ol #4 behind center of the Vikings. The VIKINGS. Arch Rivals of my Pack! Brett could walk out onto that field and mop the floor (ahem, grass/dirt/mud ... or turf, as the case may be) with the Packers. Essentially shoving it straight down Thompsons egotistical throat! How do you like me now, Fucko?! In a very "Kiss My White Ass, Ball" kind of way.

Oooh, happy day!
I can hear the "Fire Ted Thompson" chants now!
Ahhh, bliss!!!

Can you imagine it being the other way around? Brett Favre gets BEAT by Thompsons "new team". The squirrely ass-nugget will be instantly glorified... validated in shoving Brett aside and moving on. Way.To.Fucking.Go Ted, Bravo! Bravo!

Yea, hand me a barf bag please!

#1 ... I love Brett. I hate, absolutely HATE the way he was treated by his former "family". I'm protective of the man (me, protective, hogwash! lol!!!) and I want the person who betrayed him to suffer the consequences of being such a colossal JACKASS! It's only right, right? He was pressured into retirement. Made to feel unwanted. Made to feel he was washed up and needed to call it quits. Made to feel it was time to pass the baton, ahem, pigskin onto his protege and step aside. Yes, it IS just a game, and if Thompson wanted to go in a different direction, then so be it. But fuck, don't play manipulative mind games with a man who gave you everything. Man up, grow a set, and let everyone know that YOU and YOU ALONE made the decision to steer away from Brett and head in another direction with your team. YOU no longer wanted Brett ... don't paint it the other way around. He shouldn't be able to get away with treating someone like that with nothing happening to him. Just shouldn't. I'm all about justice! Karma is a bitch! That Karma needs to strike quickly, before he's able to cause any more damage. Which leads me to numero dos:
#2 ...I fully believe my Pack would be a much better team with someone else up in that fancy office, and I also believe that if the Packers crumble this year, with 2 loses to the "Come Back, Kid" ... Thompsons termination could actually be a very real possibility.

Root against my team for the better of my team?
No, that can't be right!



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