August 6, 2009

Surgery Looms

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As Owens surgery date is on the horizon, we took a little time out tonight for a Mommy and Owen photo shoot, but first, pre-op instructions stated no food after midnight ... so he, of course, had to stuff his face right up until 11:59pm. He meant business! lol.

He's being so brave about surgery. Honestly, his biggest worry is him being hungry tomorrow and not being able to eat. Poor kid. It'll be hard, especially since we're 2hours from the hospital. Just means more awake time to think about his empty belly. Other then that, though, he's such a little trooper.

He's having surgery to fix a gliding testicle and a hernia.
I am so much more of a mess then he is. Doing a good job of putting on a happy face, and making sure I'm calm in front of him (don't want him become nervous because of me or the vibes I'm giving off) but behind closed doors - I'm a wreck! Not sure how blatantly obvious it is by reading my blog ... but I don't trust western medicine AT ALL! Me and Drs, yea, we don't so much get along. I mean, I'll use them for emergency situations, etc, but otherwise I keep my distance.

Having gotten all of that out of the way; onto the "Mommy-Owen Photo shoot"...

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  1. i think Owen has your chin, the pics are too cute, there's one in particular where he looks like he's growing into his big boy face! Wow, they do grow up so fast....glad he got his fill the night before, he's probably been making up for that time since he got home, huh? Such a cutie pie and you did a great job too to you