January 25, 2010

Soaking Up Some Love

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A frosty green smoothie, a raw vegan chocolate truffle, some aroma therapy candles, and a piping hot bubble bath. Yes, I am blogging from the tub! I told you I'm trying again to get back to the blogging spirit, and since this is time I have free ... I am, quite literally, soaking up some love, indeed!

We just got home from watching the Vikings/Saints game.
It felt like a parallel universe.
Was I REALLY rooting for the Vikings???

Welllll, yes and no! lol. I was rooting for Favre... who happens to be wearing purple this year, so I suppose in an indirect sort of way I was rooting for the dreadfully hated Vikings, (boo, hiss, boooooo!!!) though, I said in the beginning, if that old man somehow goes down and is unable to get back in the game ... my vote will swiftly and cheerfully be swinging on over to the other side! In a very SO THERE :-P kind of way!

He did go down, many times in fact, but he kept popping back up!
No matter, they lost.

I disagree, quite passionately, with many of the playcalls (or lack of playcalls, as the case may be), but it is what it is. Favre's last play of the game (last play of his career ??) was an interception. A careless mistake. A throw that never should have been made. Hindsight is always cocky, isn't it? The scene was all too familiar for this Packers girl, and I felt heartbreak... again.


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