January 21, 2010

something better to do

Posted by meli on Thursday, January 21, 2010 | No comments

I love the rain.

The ability to get lost in watching it, listening to it, smelling it ... it's so very magical.

It's raining right now. As much as I almost wish I could gather up the motivation to organize the house (we're getting rid of no less then 1/2 of our possessions - so that kinda means our house is a WRECK right now) ... I'd much rather sit here, at the window, watching the rain fall. Closing my eyes and hearing the rhythmic sounds each drop makes as it hits. Inhaling deeply, filling my lungs with the crisp, clean, refreshing air that comes with it. Feeling the wind wisp the drops around, slightly misting my face through the screen.

Yes, right here, this is where I want to be.
This is my something better to do...


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